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Textshmup is a text-based shoot-em-up. If that's hard to imagine, allow me to explain. Think of a text adventure, played on the console, but the scenario is constantly updating. You have obstacles to avoid and enemies to blast. Your situtation is narrated, and you type text commands to avoid things.

You constantly move forward, and need evade the hills and ceilings of the game's endless cave, or die. As you fly along, you will encounter enemies, who need to be taken out quickly with lasers and missiles. You also need to manage your shields to charge your barrier and to protect your limited-health ship frame from damage.

This was a 24h game made in a challenge between me, Thrasher and Hawk. Except those two never made anything.

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  • 11/29/2009 12:48 AM
  • 04/21/2015 02:32 AM
  • 11/29/2009
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I'm absolutely downloading this.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
holy hell, this might be the best idea for anything ever. i must play this.
Let's see what my buddy X-Tech, a big fan of shump games, will say. I think that he'll be surprised with original idea like this game.
I keep dying to small swarms. =/ 9025 damage... I wish you had the ability to scroll up the text when you died to see what happened.
If this game doesn't get a five star rating, I'll...

this kinda feels like you playing on Ragnarok Bots :))
This is a crazy idea downloading as soon as I can. I have to check this out.
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