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Progress Report

List of Changes

Since the demo, here is a master list of changes:

  • Redrawn Tiles / Added New tiles
  • Remapped Older Areas
  • Redrawn All NPC Sprites
  • Added A Behind-The-Scenes Action Manager
  • Added A Behind-The-Scenes Event Manager
  • Added Behind-The-Scenes Pixel-Perfect Collision
  • Added 2 New Side Quests
  • Changed Stat System Entirely; Rebalanced Stats
  • Made Minor/Major Bug Fixes
  • Made Some Optimizations
  • Made Prologue Complete-able
  • Added Xbox 360 Controller Support
  • Changed Menus To Fully React To Gamepad/Keyboard
  • Made A Custom Font For The Game
  • Now 1 Hour of Gameplay

It may not seem like much, but these changes 100% change the game from what it was before. After the Prologue you go to another time and place wherewith ACT I begins. It is there the game starts getting interesting...

I wanted a demo out sometimes next week, but I'm thinking I'd rather wait til mid-summer and release something with more than 1 hour of gameplay. Rest assured, I'll continue working on this every weekend, making sure everything is polished and ready. Heck, I might even get done early!

Progress Report

Going for Another Round

So, after posting the download, and getting zero responses, I'm wondering if it was any good? Well, whatever people thought about it before are going to be impresed with the upcoming changes for the next demo download.

List of Mouth-Watering Changes:
1. In process of redrawing nearly all the tiles.
2. Completely redrawn the player sprite. Made smoother animations.
3. Added an action manager for frame-based actions (like attacking).
4. Added pixel-perfect collision.
5. Added Xbox 360 controller support to the gameplay. (menus still in work).
6. Remapped older maps, plus adding more maps.
7. New quests are going to be added.
8. You will be able to complete the prologue, wherewith Act I will begin for you to play.
9. Bosses will have redrawn/new animations.
10. Interesting enemy AI's, if time permits.
11. And many, many small bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

What you guys play in the current demo is a slight taste of things to come. This next awesome demo is still around 3 weeks away. So, keep your eyes peeled for something spectacular to come your way.

As for the player sprite and animations, I have borrowed some inspiration from Legend of Zelda ALttP. I thought the combat was smooth in that game, and so a great basis to get ideas from. So expect a game with animations just as smooth and fun. You'll agree with me when you start playing it, I hope!


Started it

I have moved the project to using persist, and as a result, I can now make map events quicker, and do other neat things.

Therefore, this project is being developed, and my harvest moon-like project is on the back burner. I have started one too many projects and now I'm going to have to finish my earlier ones.

There is a download up of a very rough demo. Nearly all of that will change in the coming months as I work on this game.

Since releasing the demo I have made numerous enhancements and changes, so I'm looking forward to your feedback and support. Thanks.


On Hiatus, new game in development

So I need a breather. I don't want to continue working on this game right now. It's gotten a bit complex and I need to rethink a few things. Especially map events (This is Sphere), and I want to upgrade to a new Sphere-based technology called "persist" a persistent-state event system for Sphere.

But I want to try my hand on a new project while I work with this new(ish) technology. What it can do is create very lifelike games in very short time. Like how RPGMaker can if done correctly. But unlike the Maker it's far more flexible giving you access to world, map, and person states.

Also I'm thinking about reworking the art and perhaps some of the maps. My new project, "Harvest Souls" will be a kick-back to a classic era of gaming. Harvest Moon. Yeah, you heard me. I need to do something without a battle system and basically get an immersive experience going before working on this game.

I'd like to upload a demo of what I have, but a broken mini-boss and no story after the first boss will let some people down. So better to regroup and strategize a better plan. Don't worry folks and fans, my new endeavors will make this a better game, you just wait and see!


Well, that was fun

I had this game here to eventually release it here, but now I'm seeing that that ain't gonna happen. :(

Anyways, anyone that was interested will likely catch wind of this project in the future when it becomes a soaring success.

I doubt that, now that RMN is going down.

So, until then here's a boss fight:

There's a pattern with the laser, and enemies will try to jump out at you. There's also a grapple thing that will try to grab you too.


Ancient History of the Game World

Eons ago there was an ancient species of sapient creatures whose mission was to seed planets with new and various life forms. The life forms grew restless and barbarous and the ancient species decided to leave them to their peril. Little did the life forms know, the ancient creatures watched them and bid their time deep in the oceans or mountains of each planet. These ancient people were controlled by a brood mother who has attached herself into the planets core to draw energy to help in the fueling of the planet. If the mother dies, so does the planet.

The ancient lifeforms are called the Keepers of the Galaxy by the species who live on their planets. It is apparent in ancient ruins that were built to worship them. These lifeforms knew to worship these Keepers because they would periodically rise above the surface and take "inventory" of the races that evolved on the lands surface, sometimes posing as gods, tyrants or as saints. At one point, however, they stopped coming. The temples stopped being built in every solar system in the galaxy and all of them fell silent.

Not one scholar knows the exact reason as to why, but some sources have pointed towards the notion of there existing a large brood mother called the Breed Keeper and she is responsible for maintaining the energy of the center of the galaxy. She is also responsible for emitting dark energy that could be found on scans of the galaxy. This dark energy seems to have no apparent use. Nobody has ever seen the Breed Mother and nobody knows how she can communicate such large distances. Perhaps the dark energy has something to do with that. But whatever the case may be this dark energy has been fluctuating, and the very balance of space-time seems to be disturbed.

This is where you step in as a time traveler. Time travel is largely impossible, even with enough power to offset time and place and to "teleport". The only way large distances could be traveled is because the Breed Mother has made it possible by disrupting time (via the dark energy fluctuations). She takes notice of you by detecting your time jumps. At one point in the game you become entangled in her grasp and stuff happens.

I don't want to give out the details, but the game will have you travelling to the near and far learning about the best and worst qualities of each civilization. You kind of act as a courier for the Breed Mother whether you know it or not and your actions will have severe importance on what happens to the galaxy, especially the places you have visited during your travels. You'll uncover secrets about the Keepers: Are they for good or for evil? Why is the dark energy fluctuating? Who made them / why did they make us?


These are qualities you will observe and witness that will shape your decisions and the fate of the galaxy. Are you cold enough to ignore love and embrace tragedy? Bold enough to betray your friend, and worship disparity? The game is an action based game but the choices and dialog will be anything but.

I'll try to get a concept piece of the the Breed Mother up sometime.


Game Style

I'm going to say that this game will be open ended. But, I don't give you the entire world to explore. As a time (and space) traveler, you must still unlock the locations. However, upon unlocking those locations you can freely explore that realm until you do decide to continue to follow the story.

I'm going to take ideas from games like Oblivion and Fallout, so that my story doesn't have to linearly progress with your exploration (even though it may seem so for the first hour or so of gameplay).

There are 5 planned places you can visit:
1. Aldat - your home world
2. Sunrey - a medieval fantasy land

3. Telarus III (past) - desert-like tribal people
4. Aldat (future) - mechanized slums
5. Sunrey (past) - highly advanced underwater society.

6. Telarus III - final battles and what-not

I'm trying to have a balance of tech and non-tech vistas so that the hero can see what difference tech can make on someones way of living.

The story is not going to be the strongest aspect in the game. I have concluded that character and character relationships are the most important qualities. I want every character you meet to mean something to you as you journey onward. Each character will support in some theme about technology, life, legal or domestic issues. Anything that may seem interesting. I want the player of my game to finish knowing they did something for the people they met in the game; rather than just use (abuse) them for the sake of getting pointers to the next dungeon or quest goal.


Town of Avonsfield

This town, or rather this small hamlet, is a secluded grove in the middle of a forest connecting the Imperial Kingdom to the dragon fortresses on the mountain range: The Snowy Peaks.

This is one of the many towns and locations our hero would find himself to be a part of in his intergalactic journey through space and time. This is also one of the locations afflicted by mysterious beasts from the future. And these people are for you to save, or else their future will fall in ruin.

The well is the center point to this town. It's called the Wishing Well, and some say if you make a wish before throwing a copper inside, your wish would come true 3 days later. Village festivities would be held around this, including races and even marriages.

They live in wooden houses, built from the woods that surround them and primarily live in peace due to the forested seclusion. This however makes them more of a target to bandits and other predators. They have a strong militia to watch over the town because of this.

However... The militia in recent months has been dwindling. Beasts said to roam the forest, started to cut their numbers down. What are these beasts, and where are they coming from? And more importantly what is it they want?

This is where our unlucky hero will make his most fortunate entrance. This is Avonsfield.



Story - Open World
So, after the opening scenes have finished and the plot begins to unravel, the world becomes basically open to you. The game will be open ended... But in a Zelda sort of way. There will be parts in the game where you will need a certain item to progress further into the game.

Story - Time Travel
The game has time travel. Although you are accidentally sent back through time and space, this doesn't stop you from going to other times and places, or even back to your time and place. But, as with the above paragraph, you'll need certain items to go to certain places. Sometimes, the items are flat-out necessary (heat suit, for example).

Story - Pets
I was thinking that the player can optionally control a "familiar", a pet of his/her choosing. Basically, you get a pet by saving it in the wild. If you do not like the pet, you can choose to remove it to a playpen. There is a side-quest open to collect all of these "escaped creatures". As a reward, you get to use one whenever. (The reward is activated upon the first creature saved) These creatures do not attack unconditionally. No, by having them they offer other bonuses such as increased health, or attack, and as a result, they can't die. Legend says there is a rare creature out there with the ability to not only heal, but raise you from the dead!

ABS - Throwable Objects and Enemies
The combat is action based. I have developed a system in which you can pick up a variety of objects and throw them wherever. You can also pick up small enemies. Throw them at other enemies to damage them, or throw them into the water to get rid of them. It can get quite hilarious. Furthermore, certain tiles can be cut, for example, grass and bushes.

ABS - Pyrotechnics
There is also a pyrotechnic system in the game. You can set bushes on fire, and grass on fire. If you set the grass on fire, the enemies within will burn, and get hurt. (the pig below is not an enemy, just demonstration).

Why is the main character using a sword, if he came from the future? Well, he starts with a laser pistol, but it takes fuel. Since there is no fuel in the past (where Blockman initially goes). He will naturally run out of fuel for his pistol. It's a really nice pistol. Like really nice. ... Anyways! The player will be able to use many weapons. From a sword to a heat-seeking rocket launcher.

Expect it sometime mid 2010. It's insanely hard to make a game in Sphere. There is no event system, so it takes a week to finish a simple cutscene, and there is no editor to speed cutscene creation. RM'ers, you have it easy!


Menu System

As a sneak peak into something interesting about this game, I'm going to talk about it's menu system. Very much like Secret of Mana, this game will have a ring menu as it's main mode of selecting the sub menu. The sub menu will not be another ring menu, however. It will be a standard RPG styled menu.

The Ring menu used in this game also has a 3D quality. The item elements will get smaller and fade out as you progress into the menu.

Stay tuned for more articles related to it's development! Next Time: Pets!
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