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List of Changes

  • Radnen
  • 05/14/2012 06:56 PM
Since the demo, here is a master list of changes:

  • Redrawn Tiles / Added New tiles
  • Remapped Older Areas
  • Redrawn All NPC Sprites
  • Added A Behind-The-Scenes Action Manager
  • Added A Behind-The-Scenes Event Manager
  • Added Behind-The-Scenes Pixel-Perfect Collision
  • Added 2 New Side Quests
  • Changed Stat System Entirely; Rebalanced Stats
  • Made Minor/Major Bug Fixes
  • Made Some Optimizations
  • Made Prologue Complete-able
  • Added Xbox 360 Controller Support
  • Changed Menus To Fully React To Gamepad/Keyboard
  • Made A Custom Font For The Game
  • Now 1 Hour of Gameplay

It may not seem like much, but these changes 100% change the game from what it was before. After the Prologue you go to another time and place wherewith ACT I begins. It is there the game starts getting interesting...

I wanted a demo out sometimes next week, but I'm thinking I'd rather wait til mid-summer and release something with more than 1 hour of gameplay. Rest assured, I'll continue working on this every weekend, making sure everything is polished and ready. Heck, I might even get done early!


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This demo was a lot of fun. Cant wait and see all these changes in action.
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