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This will only be the synopsis of the storyline. It may change over time as I decide to reveal new information or update the old information.

In the beginning there was only light. It was stagnant and without a direction. The first constructs of the universe began to form.

The first dimension was just a point. A single calculated point of origin. Creation had happened. Such is the will of ever enveloping energy.

The second dimension was time. It moved the point into a ray. A single strand of energy that strung out into the void. Time. It was a necessary evil.

As time flowed, the energy began to increase. As the threshold weakened, something of most imaginative detail had happened. The third dimension was born. Wrought from the chaos of maddened rays, shooting most erratically to the left and the right, at bizarre angles and awkward speeds, the third dimension began to take shape. Energy influenced time. Time influenced space, and with this knowledge, time travel becomes, most surprisingly, a possibility.

So, you are a scientist. One such individual who has played a helping hand in unraveling the mystery of time and space. By understanding that time came before the third dimension, all that was necessary to replace yourself to a different place and time, is energy. Certainly, enough energy to influence the time to pass, and by passing a certain time, the location will reveal itself. Then it was only a matter of stopping, and seeing what laid before you.

Genetics play a large role as well. The world you live in is wrought with creatures from bizarre and horrible scientific procedures that attempted to create sustainable creatures that can withstand the climate of any planet. whether the planet be life bearing or not. These creatures sole mission is to aid in the terraforming of such a planet. But due to certain genetic misunderstandings, gravitational, and temperate vacillations, the creatures grew too strong for their environment and broke free.

Rogue Faction
There is going to be a rogue faction that adopts these creatures, to use for their own nefarious purposes. One such purpose is to use time travel technology to send back these creatures to other worlds. Either to aide in it's destruction, or to aid in harboring resources for this rogue faction. Either way, this is not good, and the government that you are a part of will try to stop them.

Time Travel
Alas, you get accidentally sent back and forth through time, helping people fend off these monsters, while trying to unravel the secrets of this rogue organizations plans of controlling the universe.