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FIRST: If you've been anticipating this game, I'm dreadfully sorry for the massive delay between when I said I would have it up and now! Life loves to throw me tons of hurdles, and until now this had taken more of a backseat to them hurdles.

Our main heroes, a couple in their mid-20s, are enjoying just another day when news breaks that a town not so far away has been all but wiped from the map. Being fairly patriotic to their home land, they join the regional military in hopes of overcoming the enemy. Little do they know, however, that they're in for an adventure that will take them places they've only barely dreamed of..

Pretty basic feature list coming from the top of my head, so this might not include everything, but here's some random tidbits:

+ touch-based battle encounters (aside from overworld)
+ weapon leniency (basically any character has at least three possible weapons at their disposal)
+ learning a magic spell requires magic gemstones and proper leveling
+ modifiable scenery (specifically, jars, crates, and barrels)
+ enemy health bars in battle
+ custom experience modifiers (dependent on number of live characters in party)
+ optional side-quests

Hopefully I've done well enough as far as towns go - they're not typically my strongest suit, and I have a lot more of them than I did in Staff of Cyrenia.

Feedback is always appreciated as long as it's not straight-up bashing (i.e. constructive criticism is welcome).

Latest Blog

The Finishing Touches - January 24, 2010

I am, as of last night, 100% through everything in this game! Just replaying through to spot & kill any possible glitches or whatnot.

I've gone through & decided to make the game slightly less linear in ways - you can go pretty much anywhere at any time once you're free to roam the world, but the main storyline events still will trigger in the proper order. So.. be gutsy! Explore places before you're supposed to. Grab treasures early! None of it should bug up.. well until you get yourself into a battle you can't win or escape. ^_^

But yeah. Pretty much just playtesting now. Full game up within a few days.
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I have no idea how to learn magic... o_o
Pretty much there are different gemstones in the game that you must collect - they appear in a lot of maps, and are denoted by kind of a "sparkle" that appears for a short time - and then you have to go to Demage and the lady inside the door in the northwest corner of the city is the one who will teach you magic if you have enough crystals of a certain type. Spells still have level requirements and must be learned in order (i.e. you can't learn Explode before Pyre), but that's how you do it. Happy hunting!
Wow, I did not see that room. Thanks alot =]
Hey, I played some of this game, and I'm stuck. I've been told to go to Damulan and join their army, but I don't know where that is or how to get there. I've been through the forest, and to the nameless church town, but nothing.
If you've gotten equipped with the stuff in the church town, head back into the forest and east. There's a small clearing to the world map and then another forest. You'll have to work your way east/southeast-ward through that forest, and then you come out on the east side of the forest, near the destroyed town of Lemeir. Shortly off to the east is a valley you can pass through, and north through that valley you'll enter the Damulan lands.
Can someone help me? im stuck at the mine, its about the LOCKBREAKER CODE 11. i could get the right code, pls help. thanks.
Looking back into the game, with the lockbreaker code being 11, and in order from when you enter the room, you want to have the first, second, and fourth switches activated. Flip those three switches and you'll be able to get into that treasure chest at the end.
thanks a lot Mr. Golden Guy, by the way, after i got the LOCKBREAKER CODE (halfkey), at the center mine, its still say there's a round inset, somethings missing from here. where can i get this missing part.
It sounds like you still have the other half of the key to retrieve. It's in the offshoot on the left side of the main room. Once you get both halves of the key, they are replaced in your inventory with a full key that you can use in the center mine. Hope you're having fun playing so far!
theres no key on the left side, the firs time i get to explore the mine, i took first on the left, then the center, lastly is the right. On the left is a switch and some poison trapt chest. same also at the center. pls help, thanks again.
i do both have the half key now, but problem is, its still say there's a round inset, somethings missing from here.
Hi, where is the entrance to the underground village? I have been looking for it for hours.
it is just above the village of eric.
Hey, thanks for your input koabogmali.. I just realized I mis-coded those chests, and I'm guessing you ended up with two of the same key halves. Looking at the code, it works optimally if you get the left side chest first, but not if you head right first.

I'll have a couple of map files up shortly that should fix this issue, and they will also work retroactively to fix the key issue so you don't have to replay anything.
hmm, I don't think I was clear with my question. I am trying to head to the underground village of Dreidenfore, through the Dreidenfore caves. I am in the caves trying to find an exist or something but I cant.
you must continue your way down at the very deep of the cave, you'll find find the dreidenfore.
although you'll encounter some rail road puzzle.
I did go deep into the caves, as for the railroad puzzle I only found 3 switches and pressed them. There are two switches that i seen in rooms but I can't get into them, is there a hidden path?
I looked back at the game, the only switch you want to flip that you can get to from the first floor is the switch that can be found from the path branching off directly north from the hallway. The other two further into the hall can be flipped to get to treasures, but these also prevent your progress further. If you've flipped just the one switch, you should be able to access the two platforms further down that lead into the rooms you saw. Hit the left room first, flip that switch, then go to the right platform and room, and get that switch. Head left past the platform and you'll be able to progress further through the caves. Hope this helps some!
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