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FIRST: If you've been anticipating this game, I'm dreadfully sorry for the massive delay between when I said I would have it up and now! Life loves to throw me tons of hurdles, and until now this had taken more of a backseat to them hurdles.

Our main heroes, a couple in their mid-20s, are enjoying just another day when news breaks that a town not so far away has been all but wiped from the map. Being fairly patriotic to their home land, they join the regional military in hopes of overcoming the enemy. Little do they know, however, that they're in for an adventure that will take them places they've only barely dreamed of..

Pretty basic feature list coming from the top of my head, so this might not include everything, but here's some random tidbits:

+ touch-based battle encounters (aside from overworld)
+ weapon leniency (basically any character has at least three possible weapons at their disposal)
+ learning a magic spell requires magic gemstones and proper leveling
+ modifiable scenery (specifically, jars, crates, and barrels)
+ enemy health bars in battle
+ custom experience modifiers (dependent on number of live characters in party)
+ optional side-quests

Hopefully I've done well enough as far as towns go - they're not typically my strongest suit, and I have a lot more of them than I did in Staff of Cyrenia.

Feedback is always appreciated as long as it's not straight-up bashing (i.e. constructive criticism is welcome).

Latest Blog

The Finishing Touches - January 24, 2010

I am, as of last night, 100% through everything in this game! Just replaying through to spot & kill any possible glitches or whatnot.

I've gone through & decided to make the game slightly less linear in ways - you can go pretty much anywhere at any time once you're free to roam the world, but the main storyline events still will trigger in the proper order. So.. be gutsy! Explore places before you're supposed to. Grab treasures early! None of it should bug up.. well until you get yourself into a battle you can't win or escape. ^_^

But yeah. Pretty much just playtesting now. Full game up within a few days.
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Well, good luck with that! Nothing impossible in the game to my knowledge, though there are some side-things that can be done that aren't completely mandatory.
Thanks actually about side things the only that i have spoted is the silver coin which i gave to the underground guy i m currently in the ice area gotta finish soon...... You ve done good work by the way the story is nice.... I love the boat thing and i love that there are no encounters in water xD..... And i like the dialogue where the protagonist calls his girl "babe"
Haha thanks, yeah, the water is a nice way to get around the world.. some of the islands you can access once you get the boat hold some pretty good secrets, I must say. I'm just hoping my next game's storyline will be enough to keep things flowing - but then again when you're making a game, it always feels somewhat cheaper than it is - people are enjoying this and The Staff of Cyrenia a fair deal more than I probably envisioned while making them, lol.
The Staff of Cyrenia is newer than this game? I think I ll try it as well
Nah, Staff of Cyrenia I made about a year before The Damulan Legacy, but it was only fully uploaded about 6 months before because both times I've gotten to the end of the game and then become a slacker getting it fully done. lol

But sure, try it out too. It definitely has some different aspects about it than TDL, though I feel that TDL is a better game overall.
There are columns that block the path in the end of volcanic pass, what do I do of them?
Hey, so far I was playing it was great game. I like it. But unfortunately I'm stuck here...

I was thinking about bomb, but cannot find it anywhere to buy. Pls help me.
How does the lockbreaker code work? Are you supposed to add the numbers, or are you supposed to make the switches match the number that's on the plaque or what? My lockbreaker code is 16 BTW. Each the first number I got was 1 then 5 3's (which equals 16), but it still wouldn't open. I left, but the switch numbers keep changing...
Hey, so far I was playing it was great game. I like it. But unfortunately I'm stuck here...

I was thinking about bomb, but cannot find it anywhere to buy. Pls help me.

I found the answer in the third page. From there, head north and keep it there untill you reach a dead end (with a lava in the end), Jump over row of stones aank keep it till you reach the other side. search around and you'll find a red switch. (If you find a chest, don't open it, its a trap).
I'm stuck trying to get through Dreidenfore cave to reach the village. I've read the earlier posts on this, but I'm still not getting anywhere. Any help would be gratefully received.

I've thrown the one switch, as suggested. If I go down a level to the railway track, it's now connected and I can reach a little platform with a healing bucket and another one with a pile of gold. Nothing further. So I went back over the higher levels looking for the "platforms" which would take me to the rooms with the other switches, and cannot find them. This process has done wonders for leveling up and earning money, but hasn't actually got me any further into the cave.

Does anyone know if this game page is still active? The developer hasn't posted here in a long time, and the last query to be answered was done by someone else.
Any help just tell are to solve puzzle plz
Anyone feel generous enough to provide a save file with the rubic puzzle solved? I GIVE UP!
What is the combination for the 2 treasure chests in the desert castle??? i have no clue on what i am supposed to do!!! there are no signs or writings anywhere related to the chest or any of the locked doors and gates!! I've been wandering around the entire castle for more than 30 minutes and interacted with all possible skulls,holes in the floor,red orbs,pillars and statues but still cannot find anything!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ TELL ME WHAT TO DO NOW!!!!!!!!! :( :(
This game, for whatever reason, will sometimes crash randomly. This is the main reason I quit this game. (And the fact that a crash occurred right after defeating a boss.)

I did get pretty far into it, though. The game is not too hard if you keep your equipment up to date. Which means there may be some grinding for money. However I grinded too much for one reason: as soon as you get the ship you can sail wherever you want. This means you can sail to a late game town and buy strong gear, making the midgame extremely easy. That said, this game has a strong bias towards the DEF stat. One good armor will make your char literally untouchable.

One interesting thing is that this game has alot of hidden items, which you can only see when they occasionally sparkle, like tabs in chrono trigger. This is pretty interesting along with you being able to break jars and boxes for items. The only way to learn magic in this game is buying them with various gemstones. I thought that you can buy the highest level spells if you save gems up, but they require you to learn each level of the spell successively so don't bother saving your gems.

All in all this is a decent game with some interesting mechanics, but the random crashes made me quit the game.
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