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The Finishing Touches - January 24, 2010

I am, as of last night, 100% through everything in this game! Just replaying through to spot & kill any possible glitches or whatnot.

I've gone through & decided to make the game slightly less linear in ways - you can go pretty much anywhere at any time once you're free to roam the world, but the main storyline events still will trigger in the proper order. So.. be gutsy! Explore places before you're supposed to. Grab treasures early! None of it should bug up.. well until you get yourself into a battle you can't win or escape. ^_^

But yeah. Pretty much just playtesting now. Full game up within a few days.


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Oh yeah, and just for fun:

Towns: 13
Dungeons: 7
"Levels" of equipment: 9 (8 purchasable, technically 10 total for shields)
Different monsters: 79
Items: 63
Character skills: 63
Switches used: 147
Variables used: 64
...and over a month later...

still no game--or any explanation for the delay
Gah, I get way too lazy sometimes. No real idea why I delayed this so long. My apologies! I think it was just life getting in the way and this just eventually taking a backseat to everything.

Full game up in a bit, and this time it's for real.
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