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I've been working on this game for my sister and decided to post it up here so others can play. Its quite a bit like most Dragon Quest games with a couple exceptions. So if your a fan of the series you'll probably like this game. If you don't know about the series I would recommend playing some of them. In summary they are usually pretty cliche and mostly linear RPG's but they are alot of fun and feature some customization and non-linearity in certain parts. My mapping isn't the greatest in the world and I'm trying to get better, I don't think its dealbreaking, however.

The game will feauture alot of Dragon Quest aspects including the monsters, equipment, skills, lower stat numbers, basic storyline, music, and sound effects.

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Demo 1.1 release 12/9/09

I just uploaded the new Demo 1.1 with a new title screen and a caterpillar script that does not crash randomly on loading saved games. As far as more game content goes, I'll try to have the next area or two in the next couple weeks. I'm the only person working on this so its going to come along a little slow.
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why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
This doesn't look like a DQ game.
The front-view isn't there but most of the other mechanics will be very similar.
You should put it back that way, though. I don't know why you'd intentionally make it lose one of DQ's trademarks.
Mostly because I'm making this for my sister and she likes the sideview, plus its a little more visually appealing. I don't want to make an exact clone of a Dragon Quest game, I just wanted to take most of their mechanics, add in a few, and change a couple.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
If you are just taking the mechanics, and not it's setting/gameplay/aspects, then why are you calling this a Dragon Quest fangame?
I didn't look up the definition of fan game before I made this, I really didn't think it had to be an exact clone. The reason I call it a fan game is because I'm a Dragon Quest fan for one and it will be very similar in many aspects. All the monster sprites, monster names, music, most sound effects, equipment, item, and skill names (pre-Square-Enix), the cliche story aspect, the lower stat numbers, etc. is all there, any one who has played a Dragon Quest will at least get the idea that it is mostly based on Dragon Quest. Since you're not the first one who has commented on me calling it a fan-game, I'll probably change the topic description a bit to reflect that it will be SIMILAR but not a true fan-game.
Why not say you are taking inspiration from Dragon Quest?
Not a bad word choice but I feel that is a little weak to explain it adequately. If I were just taking inspiration it may play somewhat like Dragon Quest but this game has much more that resembles Dragon Quest that I say it is similar. See my comment above for a full explanation. Thanks for feedback though.
All because it isn't sideview, and you can't name your characters, doesn't mean it isn't similar to dragon quest. By the way, looks like a really good game. Good job!
Never mind the huge menu difference, graphical difference, story difference, (and most likely) game mechanical difference. As for the frontview thing, why in the fuck would you not have it front view if you were going for the Dragon Quest feel? It's like you're not trying at all to make it look like DQ.
Thanks Dezz for the vote of confidence, I agree, my intention was to have it play similarly and not make every single thing an exact copy of everything that Dragon Quest did.

And Darken I'll have to agree with most of your comment. This game does not follow the Dragon Quest Enix/Zenithia what have you storylines, nor is the battle system the same, nor do the menus or sprites look the same. This was not my intention, I wanted it to FEEL like Dragon Quest not LOOK like Dragon Quest, so graphically yes there is little resemblance, you could argue that having something look like it would make it feel that way as well, but graphics are not everything in a game. And yes calling it a fan game may have been a little misleading (I honestly thought as long as there was some resemblance to it, it would be safe to call it that, I suppose I'll wiki-pedia fan-game sometime to find out the exact meaning.) So if you were expecting some awesome Dragon Quest sequel sorry to let you down, there are plenty of other good games by Kentora that may resemble more of what you want graphically. Someday I may (If I can VX-ify all the Dragon Quest graphics/tiles/sprites/etc.) make a more visually Dragon Quest game. This game is mostly being made for my sister and she likes everything I've done so I decided to post it in case others wanted to play.
Yes it is definetely inspired by DQ, and similar in several ways.
Can you provide me with the link where you got that menu system?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
When hell freezes over.
Lol Ratty, well considering it will be a long project, and I don't spend all that much time with RPG Maker (Its more a hobby, and not a way of life, I do a lot of other things), and I'm working on 2 other RPG Maker games (I have phases where I work on one as the mood fits)in all honesty all these projects may never get done, If I make a game I want it to be long not some 3-4 hour game but a 30-40+ hour game. So there's definetely no set time frame, I'm working on this alone (and to reiterate, not very often) and I will share more when I have at least 2 or more hours of playtime, If I get in one of my "moods" I'll work on it pretty non-stop, but most of the time its a couple hours a week.
IMO you don't necessarily need to keep all of the core elements to make a game "like" another game. Remember kids, thinking outside the box is not always a bad thing.

That said, I actually like what I see here so far.
is there a demo update coming soon? I encounter a critical bug that crash the game each time i reach lv 10 and sometimes when i try to load the game, the game is fun so far.
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