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I've been working on this game for my sister and decided to post it up here so others can play. Its quite a bit like most Dragon Quest games with a couple exceptions. So if your a fan of the series you'll probably like this game. If you don't know about the series I would recommend playing some of them. In summary they are usually pretty cliche and mostly linear RPG's but they are alot of fun and feature some customization and non-linearity in certain parts. My mapping isn't the greatest in the world and I'm trying to get better, I don't think its dealbreaking, however.

The game will feauture alot of Dragon Quest aspects including the monsters, equipment, skills, lower stat numbers, basic storyline, music, and sound effects.

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Demo 1.1 release 12/9/09

I just uploaded the new Demo 1.1 with a new title screen and a caterpillar script that does not crash randomly on loading saved games. As far as more game content goes, I'll try to have the next area or two in the next couple weeks. I'm the only person working on this so its going to come along a little slow.
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