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Puzzle and Map solutions

Hey everyone. I've added a page to SS2 to help you through mazes and puzzles found in the game.

I'll be adding more puzzles when I get the time. Happy playing!



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I've added a map for the Ancients' Library Basement. It's not a walkthrough, but it does show the relationship between levers and shelves so you can figure out for yourself how to navigate.
The Earth Temple has been added. Boy, it is huge.
I've added a map and a walkthrough to the Water Temple. The walkthrough takes you from the very beginning, and leads you to all the treasures. If you were completely puzzled by the Water Temple, this should help you out!
Hello all. For anyone who's interested, I've added a complete map/walkthrough of the final boss's lair. Outside of the obvious, I've tried to minimize spoilers. So if the last lair is driving you nuts, go check out the maps!
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