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2020 Update

Hi all. I know it's been a year and a half since I updated the prequel, but here we are. I wanted to make extra-sure that I gave this run the love it needed.

I'll be copying the relevant parts of the SS1 Update blog entry to here, but I'll also be listing the additional updates specific to SS2.

Windows dropped MIDI support

Windows 7 and forward have dropped native MIDI support. MIDIs will still partially play in-game now, but in order to hear these game MIDIs in their full glory, you need to install a third-party MIDI synthesizer.

I've been using VirtualMIDISynth:
with the following setup for soundfont load order:

(i.e. SGM loads last and takes priority.)

New Font

Additionally, the process to automatically install a font has changed, so I'm leaving it to you to download and manually install the new font, TibsRPG2. This font is new as of Jan 2019, so you should still install it, even if you have the previous TibsRPG font:

Why the update?

Aside from the technical stuff above, I wanted to adjust the game again because I was never really satisfied with the difficulty balance of random enemies and bosses. As I began to tweak and re-balance all the enemy stats, I got along to tweaking other things like spells. And then I found a few stupid mistakes and oversights in the previous versions that I have now corrected.

Save file compatibility

Please note that the new install directory is now different from previous versions. I have no idea if save files are forward-compatible, so copy over your old save files with caution.

Changelog as of 29 June, 2020:

MAJOR update: Now using Cherry's amazing DynRPG plugin system, which I've customized to do the following:
  • Defaults at 4× video scale, and F5 now opens video settings
  • Adjusts battle timing
  • Displays battle icons when characters gain MP
  • Fixes Reflect crash, so now a couple enemies can cast Reflect

MAJOR update: New font (TibsRPG2) that is a modification of the RM2000 font
MAJOR update: As alluded to above, monster stats, spell loadouts, and groups have been completely re-worked in the service of better game balance.
MAJOR bugfix: Monsters never used to cast spells that only gave a buff (e.g. Fast, Wall, Regenerate). Now they do.
MAJOR bugfix: Status effects that claimed to halve/double Defense incorrectly affected Mind instead, and vice-versa!
Bugfix: Status conditions in general had numerical priority ratings. A spell that was supposed to grant multiple conditions with equal priority (e.g. Mutate) instead applied their effects based on these priorities. Now they should correctly apply multiple conditions.
Bugfix: Using a teleport item/spell in an improper place does not consume the item/MP.
Bugfix: I can't prevent you using buffing battle items outside of battle, but I CAN remove the buffs they give you! Don't use them outside of battle and you won't waste them.
Bugfix: Airship entering/exiting has been fixed, I HOPE.
Bugfix: Touched up spelling/grammar/spacing/phrasing
Bugfix: Fixed glitches on Notebook graphic
Bugfix: Map overlay now properly turns off when you change screens. You do not need to use the map twice to turn it on again.
Bugfix: Fixed ultimate weapons and armor giving you the deprecated versions
Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the final lair music that prevented the viola drone from playing more than once in the intro
Update: The shortcuts added by the installer are now flagged to open the game in windowed mode by default, which loads MUCH faster.
Update: Quetzalcoatl now randomly grants Reflect rather than Dodge/Regen
Update: Reflect status lasts longer in battle.
Update: Crusade's success rate has been lowered from 100%.
Update: Gravity and X-Gravity have slightly lower success rate, but now can also inflict ½ Attack and ½ Agility
Update: Black Hole is now a multi-target gravity spell.
Update: Overhauled all equipment so that stat bonuses make more sense and are fairer.
Update: Elemental/Status resistances are now included in item descriptions.
Update: Changed hero stats and stat curves.
Update: Summon animations now fade in. Originally they did not, due to archaic reasons.
Update: Removed Herobrine.
Update: Text windows are now translucent instead of opaque
Update: Status effect spells also deal damage, so that if they fail to inflict the status, at least you get something
Update: Changed cursor/menu sounds
Update: Replaced haunted ship encounters with unique enemies for better balance
Update: Fixed weapon attack animation lengths
Update: Smoother walking through diagonal hallways in QryCo
Update: Indoor filler tile is now black instead of shingles/cobblestone
Update: Jaclyn's Shift skills are learned earlier and cost MUCH less MP.
Update: Sophia's Taunt ability now applies each stat effect at a 50% rate
Update: Luis's Song ability window lasts much longer
Update: The Inspect ability now explicitly lists all weapons, elements, and status effect the monsters are weak and immune to
Update: Added new items that can be created using the Build ability, and greatly reduced prices
Update: Chrysolite's Build ability creates different items than Vivian's
Update: The boulders in the Fire Temple no longer cause a Game Over when you touch them. Only a loss of your pride as a pro gamer.
Update: Getting caught during the Thieves' Hideout stealth mission results in a battle rather than a Game Over
Update: You can actually get caught by the guard during the Finavoce stealth mission
Update: Ribbons and Crystal Earrings can no longer be bought from any stores anywhere
Update: Added title graphic
Update: Changed Game Over graphic
Update: Changed General Arkain's face graphic
Update: Updated title cutscene graphics
Update: Updated deep water graphics on the world map and final dungeon
Update: Updated many battle animation sprites
Update: Updated battle backdrop graphic for final floor of final dungeon
Update: Map item now projects to the corner of the screen rather than taking up the whole screen
Update: Changed "Magic" stat to "Mind"
Update: Dominic can now make you a party on the airship
Update: The automatic party creator no longer asks you prioritize either fighters or wizards. It will now pick characers randomly when they have the same XP.
Update: Added confirmation sounds to chest/item pickups outside of battle
Update: Added new backdrop graphics for battles in QryCo, the Ancient Library, and the last floor of the final lair
Update: Sliding puzzles are now random and the graphics have been improved
Update: Fixed minecart-riding and sand pouring graphics
Update: Temple dungeons now have proper save spot tiles rather than using placeholder Crystal graphics
Update: Made the Water Temple floors a lot more visually interesting
Update: Added signage on most Water Temple doors to indicate where they go, kind of
Update: Collectible chickens now drop off cluck volume with distance from you
Update: Added vending machines outside of final boss room
Update: Improved character animations for the Curse status effect
Update: Chiba's Meditate state restores his MP more slowly
Update: The Poison status effect is less impactful on stronger enemies
Update: Made new animations for whips and for Sophia's Cheers
Update: Added new deal outcome animations for the Poker move
Update: Dzogden now only has resistance to Fire, not to all elements
Update: Dialogue during the ending now pauses longer
Update: Credits sequence is less laggy and visually abrasive