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Below is a brief outline of some of the important characters in Shukumei Star II.

Chiba Geshidama

Chiba is a member of a small rebel group in Limpopo that aims to stop QryCo from carrying out its sinister activities. When the town elder Geoff declared that QryCo had detained a young woman, and it was of utmost important that she be rescued, Chiba gathered his group without hesitation and embarked on a rescue mission.

Special ability: Meditate
When Chiba uses the Meditate move, he goes into a defensive stance and gives all his MP to the other party members. Useful when paired with mages.

Stephanie Wager

Seeing her strong resolve and leadership qualities, Chiba put Stephanie in charge of the rescue mission. Stephanie knows that failure is not an option.

Special ability: Honor
When Stephanie performs the Honor move, she assumes a blocking stance. Stephanie absorbs all negative status effects from other team members and applies them to herself. In addition, she randomly doubles the other party members' stats.

Kishal Crum

Kishal is the quiet introvert. His studies in the dark arts unlocked for him the ability to manipulate earth and shadow. Kishal has the potential to learn the most powerful Black magic spells.

Special ability: Earth/Dark
Kishal attacks the enemies with earth or dark elemental magic.

Tonyalin Tamir

Tonyalin is a bookworm, to say the least. As Tonyalin lives in the secluded town of Limpopo, books, for her, have always been an important window to the outside world. From these books, Tonyalin has learned how mages of the past have been able to manipulate the flow of water, and even the flow of spacetime itself!

Special ability: Water/Ice
Tonyalin attacks the enemies with water or ice elemental magic.

Bethany Humphree

Kidnapped by QryCo, Bethany awakens to find Stephanie and her team have arrived to rescue her. Confused and bewildered, Bethany senses deep down that these strangers can be trusted.

Special ability: Double
Bethany's Double ability allows her to cast one of her white magic spells twice in a row, even if she can't fully afford the second casting. However, using this move will make her exhausted and more vulnerable for a period.

Haruko Honsekka

Haruko is the rebel group's recon scout, but she can hold her own in a fight. With throwing stars and swords at her disposal, it's a good thing she's on the rebels' side!

Special ability: Thunder
Haruko attacks the enemies with thunder elemental magic.

Treves Tanseris

Treves awoke in his room to the crackle of thunder and the resonant panic of a half-remembered dream. Upon further inspection, he realized that the inhabitants of Beaunic village were missing! Who or what could have caused this? More importantly: where did they go?

Special ability: Charge
When Treves uses the Charge ability, he loses some HP but attacks twice in a row.

Sophia Baron

Sophia too realized that something had gone wrong in Beaunic. Fearing that they were the last two people left in town, Sophia stuck close to Treves's side.

Special ability: Cheer
Sophia's cheers have a range of effects, such as taunting enemies or snapping allies out of ill effects.