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"Well now, how did these little morsels make it so far
under their own power? I think I'll keep my eye on them."

Ill Will is a dungeon crawler with carefully crafted, minimalist story elements and simplified overall design. The combat uses a turn-based structure with a heavy emphasis on elemental affinities, and a streamlined AI routine for enemies that helps curb outright stupid behavoir.

It is very firmly divided between gameplay and plot, with decently-sized sessions of both, rather than a more rapid alternation.

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Update ( 7/31/2012) - Completion

I'm marking this as being the 31st instead of the 1st, since I've been uploading since "yesterday".

Ill Will is complete. You can finish the story, choose either a normal New Game Plus (basically starting over) or a Strong New Game Plus (keep Traces, learned skills, and level, and re-allocate stats). Either way, you'll have access to additional story scenes, additions to existing scenes, and a very special something.

I might have a prize for the first person to beat the optional NG+ content. Of course, I might not.


After playing so far in this game at the moment, I just have to say WOW, I have never been so immersed into a RPG maker story in a very long time, you sir gain kudos for that, I highly recommend this game despite it's minor flaws so far.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I've seen this project around. I believe I have more incentive to play it now that it's featured. :P

It looks very nice.
I'm getting the message RPGV RTP is not found.How to solve?
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
featured schlong
Lone Wolf, or something cool.
Can I know which tilesets did you use?

I like the game, by the way :D
I'm getting the message RPGV RTP is not found.How to solve?

Go here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package
Download the RPG Maker VX RTP.
I'm getting the message RPGV RTP is not found.How to solve?
Go here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package
Download the RPG Maker VX RTP.

Thank you Archeia_Nessiah

I've beaten the final boss and all I could say is...I knew I should have chosen hard instead of normal. It's challenging, but not challenging enough for my experience :p

And eh...I'm not really impressed with the ending. To be honest, the story actually starts off pretty well, but just begins to get weaker as it gets to the end. Maybe the extra cutscenes will fill some of those loopholes. I'll get to those when I'm free.

For now, though, if I have to give an honest rating, I would give it within the range of 6.5 to 7 out of 10, the downgrade mainly because of the story and the many minor bugs to a minor extent. I should say gameplay is this game's strongest point.

I'll give a full review of it when I have the time.

EDIT: Probably for those who are interested with my experience with the game:

The hardest boss, to me, wasn't the final boss, but Loki, just simply because of his speed. The final boss is so pitifully slow that he's not much of a threat, but with Loki, I had to resort to a bit of defending.
For Loki, I used Will, Ethan and Josephine, with Will and Ethan as my tankers. I had tried using the fire girl instead of Ethan, but a lack of defenders mean I couldn't handle him.

Yeah, basically, I pumped mainly Strength, Endurance and Cunning into Will. I only started to increase Technique at the late stage, and I never bothered to pump Agility to Will :p

All in all, I had difficulty with some bosses and other bosses are either just a joke or not that difficult.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
I'm enjoying this game quite a bit so far! When (and most importantly IF) I finish, I'll write a review!
Why do the zombies get to attack immediately after strength zone? It seems kind of unfair.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Because you haven't patched your game.
Patch it how? I didn't see a patch under downloads.
This looks really great! I'm stuck on the Gatekeeper though. The sleep aura thing is really nasty. D:

I really like the story so far! It's extremely interesting, and I love how integrated the gameplay is with it! Characters consistently commenting on minor features that seem like they're just gameplay facets is very nice. I also really like the naming scheme for the spells -- I just find those kinds of pseudo-fictional languages with consistent prefixes/suffixes strangely fascinating. Only downside is that ailment spells don't have fancy names. :(

Cunning still says it influences healing power, is this fixed in the latest patch (that I can't download)...? Does anything influence healing power at all? Sano seems to be healing just as much as it did at the start of the game...

It is a bit strange that no one else can gain points in Cunning. One would think Aaron would invest a few points in it if he's supposed to be an ailment inducer...

Physical attacks seem a bit overpowered. Ethan and France are inflicting nearly double damage with Strike compared to by (Technique-focused) Will's spells. Combined with the possibility of criticals, they just eat through enemy health like popcorn. (Especially once you get Shockwave. "Low" damage my foot. It does make dealing with Heracles Guardians easy, though...)

Anyway. Really fun and addictive, I suppose I'll go back to trying to beat the Gatekeeper. I don't know how I'll keep Aaron alive though... D:
I'm not sure but it has some unusual abilities that has no effect on enemies. Any bug or is it normal?
Best combination Francesca Will and Josephine.
script Custom skill effects Z by yanfly line 436: in methoderror occurred.
Undefined method for nil: nilclass.
Its resolve this?
I'm at the stage Paradiso - Dark Crossings
Best combination Francesca Will and Josephine.

Really? To be honest, I don't find Josephine particularly useful. Spellcasters' main claim to fame are their ability to exploit elemental weaknesses, and since she only has access to one (later two, I guess), it really hampers her potential. There's also the aforementioned fact that physical skills are ludicrously overpowered in comparison. I really only use her for bosses that are either weak to water or have some gimmick that makes physical attacks tricky against them. (...Which is almost none, really.) My favoured allies right now are France and Ethan, due to their high strength.

(Aaron I find to be the least useful. His inability to upgrade cunning really hamstrings his potential as a status mage. I just use Will for that. Also, he is a fragile twig.)

You know what would have been interesting? If there were no party limits, and you could always use all 5. Would have been a pain to code and balance for, though, I'm sure.
I also find France and Ethan to be quite useful compared to the others. I lol at Josephine- most of the time.
(Aaron I find to be the least useful. His inability to upgrade cunning really hamstrings his potential as a status mage. I just use Will for that. Also, he is a fragile twig.)

Ahaha, really? I actually use Aaron and France myself and streamrolling through it. (His air skill is overpowered)
Where the enemies physical attack has no effect and no magic Josephine is an excellent option. No game has several enemies that absorbs both magic and attack as converts to HP. the ability to suck both HP and MP it is excellent and Will can learn too.
Aaron and Ethan is so useful in the beginning then your skills are just for support. Aaron using negative status, and Ethan to recover HP for the group.
In the final game of his ability with water becomes more useful with relation to the other causing damage to 500 HP.