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"Well now, how did these little morsels make it so far
under their own power? I think I'll keep my eye on them."

Ill Will is a dungeon crawler with carefully crafted, minimalist story elements and simplified overall design. The combat uses a turn-based structure with a heavy emphasis on elemental affinities, and a streamlined AI routine for enemies that helps curb outright stupid behavoir.

It is very firmly divided between gameplay and plot, with decently-sized sessions of both, rather than a more rapid alternation.

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Update ( 7/31/2012) - Completion

I'm marking this as being the 31st instead of the 1st, since I've been uploading since "yesterday".

Ill Will is complete. You can finish the story, choose either a normal New Game Plus (basically starting over) or a Strong New Game Plus (keep Traces, learned skills, and level, and re-allocate stats). Either way, you'll have access to additional story scenes, additions to existing scenes, and a very special something.

I might have a prize for the first person to beat the optional NG+ content. Of course, I might not.


Oh my God, I remember this steamy game. Was on fire at the time. Can't remember how it all broke down back then but I enjoyed playing what I did. I didn't get as far as I would have liked, game was so difficult but I will try it again. Might even have to review this masterpiece!
I think this is the only VX game I tried that I even liked. :/ Weird atmosphere but I find it pretty good...as long as I don't get lost in those holes! The endless battles!! Argh!!
I remember getting over the first battle before but on my new computer the first battle keeps overpowering me on every mode.
I always loved how they did the glowing effects in this game.
I'm gonna guess that NG+ bug was never fixed? Oh well, may as well give it a try.