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Wambu Combo: Ill Will Playthrough/Critique

Part 1: Will is Ill



Part 2: France Hates Cats



I'm terribly sorry I can't get this to be a pretty video player! I can't get Livestream and BBCode to work properly together, and I can't get the HTML tags in here at all, so the usual embedding that Livestream offers is completely kaput.

Now, regarding the final discussion at the end of Part 2, neither of us finished the game, and for James that was the final time he played it. For me, though, I played through it a bit more, and all I want to say is that the characters definitely improve in quality after the Infierno arc. Their dialogue is still iffy at times, but their humor is more downplayed, which is good!

This might become a thing between us later on, and we'll be posting more videos onto Youtube, so hopefully things turn out a bit better in terms of quality!


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Yeah, for whatever reason the website we used for that takes all the videos down after a while. I think we still have them somewhere, but we'll need to do some digging...
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