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You take the role as Sirus, a youg man trying to follow his father's footsteps. Sirus grew up in the little town of Elvenmor which lies in the land by the name of Glothica. As you take him through his campaign you discover his past and what Glothica holds. You start out when Sirus just came of age to join the Knight Templar Legion. Sirus's main objective is to protect Elvenmor from the evil Undead. As you do this you discover how wonderful and fun Golothica is as you discover new towns and new places.

Expansion and Update info:

This version of Knight Templar includes an update and a expansion that fixes all the know glitches in the game and features: new music, 300 x 300 maps, battle zoom in feature, new menu system, smaller overall download size, and extends the extra game play with a small campaign called The Templar Saga.
In the Templar Saga you take the role as Felix and travel to the Old Kingdom of Golothica. The Old Kingdom has a new threat against it called the Lizards of the Sea. These Lizards once roamed the north country of the Old Kingdom, but the Lizards were defeated into the sea long ago. Now the Lizards want their land back and they will do anything to achieve it. Felix can join the Knight Templar Legion to help to stop this Lizard invasion.

Due to recent demand the download is back up. I wanted to actually make another update to fix some things with the game, but I just don't have time right now and I will have to release an update for it in the future hopefully. Well enjoy!

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Very good. Very cool. I particularly liked the rock music in the Battle background, but you should have different tunes for boss battles and please spell a little better.
Thanks for the comment! Sorry about the spelling, I kinda over looked it. I made this game a couple of years ago, and at the time I did not pay much attention to spelling.
Looking for a solid review of our game. If anyone who played our game can do this, thanks.
The download link doesn't seem to work properly
Why did you even make it if noone can play this? If you say there is no download link, then basically, there's no point then even saying it's complete and everything. I got excited over nothing it seems.
I am sorry JayAMurphy. The download was available for about 2 years, since the game came out in the summer of 2006. I released it on this site on the date you see, but it was on other rpg maker sites then. I am sorry you missed it, but I just have not had time to post it back up on internet. Its a large game by the way for an rpg maker xp game, around 184 MB. So it takes about 2 or 3 hours to upload it to a site so that it can be downloaded in about 20 or 30 minutes. If I see more of a demand for it I might upload it somewhere for download.
I uploaded my game, Lost Legacy (which was about 210 mb) to a Megaupload site, as well as my own website, and just submitted an off-site link here. They allowed it, and Lost Legacy has a LOT of downloads so far. You may want to try that option! :)
Yeah I actually did that with this game in the past a couple of times, but it just takes about 2 hours or more for me to upload it if the site does not disconnect me. All together though including this site and others, the game received over 1000 downloads. So I was pleased, and it seemed a lot of people enjoyed it, but now I am working on a new project that will be my best project yet. Its not "Space X Gear" by the way. Thanks for the suggestion though. I appreciate it.
So theres no way way anyone can play this game then?

Maybe it should be removed from the database.
Maybe you should be removed from the database? lol!!! jk
Yo dude DL finished but for some reason it says RGSS-RTP Standard ????????? in a little error box. What am I missing? I want to play this again since I never finished it.

Also I hope you still used kick ass music in the expansion.
This might because you don't have the RTP Standard for RPG Maker XP. The game does require the RTP from RPG Maker XP. If you don't have RPG Maker XP, or if your not sure you have the RTP you can download the RTP here:
That should fix that error you are having once you have the RTP downloaded and installed, and yes it still has good music and more.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
I got a similar error message and I downloaded and installed the standard RTP for XP. all it says is that "RGSS stopped working" and thats about it.... any other suggestions?
What operating system are you using Oblic?
Download seems to be broken.
When I tried to open it, it says 'critical error 80000004 at address 00000000'.
And there's a txt file that says file error report
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