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This is a minigame featured in my other project, Pokémon Hunter 4. While it's still a part of that game, I felt it was unique and independent enough to have its own release.

In the game, you play as a Porygon on a strange journey through a computerized world. Your goal is simply to defeat the other hostile Porygons you meet inside. Other strange cyber-creatures will try to stop you along the way. The game uses an ABS which I've taken great pains to ensure doesn't suck. The action is puzzle-oriented, so you'll have to think and play carefully to succeed!

Latest Blog

Super Update!

Updated the old demo with a couple new things! Everything is now up-to-date with SP3D's current condition in PH4, the intro was removed, all the music now loops properly, and save points were added specifically for this version. There's no new content yet, but I think this version is certainly improved.

This game also got a pass from Creation's win-me-over-in-ten-minutes challenge!

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  • 12/14/2009 07:47 PM
  • 12/19/2011 07:56 PM
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Hmmmmm I'm intrigued... Got my download for sure on the 21st :)
Yes, I've been waiting for this :D
Hey, I'll play this just for the excessively fine-tuned roof tiles. Which look great in the last screen I saw, btw.
Truly it is now the greatest roof tile ever forged.
I once banned myself by mistake
I love how the background of the gameprofile is the roof tiles.
Do you ONLY make pokemon games...?
Pretty much, yeah.
damn man I have got to give this thing a try
This game is well made. You know a game is good when you love playing it when your only 10 min in.
And when you die... you retain your abilities! Amazing!
from sunshinesan
And when you die... you retain your abilities! Amazing!

I know, right? Good game design is wonderful to see in action!
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