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The wolf and fox forces in the black and brown are attacking the cat and winged forces in the white and azure! Survive the frozen battlefield with one of four characters from either side as the two clash. Be careful when showing your face as either side will attack the other on sight if they even look remotely like their enemies.

This is where my entry for the 2009 Game Chill contest will be when I am ready to turn in my entry. I made this page so you can see the progress of the game and exactly how long each part took me, this being a two week development contest.

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End of the line

Alright, this project has gotten extremely messy and barely operational. I decided to turn in what I've got now as I can't go any further. I've at least turned in SOMETHING for the contest, but I'm going to have to make plans for a different WeaponBirth- thus canceling any development past this Game Chill 2009 contest.

Try out the demo though, I did at least get the first attack for everyone working (probably).

This game will definitely be back though! The idea of what this would have turned into sounds too much fun for me to trash. However, it should be remade under an infinite time limit so I can actually take much more time to plan everything.

Even though I really hate the collision system, it's probably going to be the same engine again anyway.
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  • 12/15/2009 04:20 AM
  • 07/23/2016 02:43 AM
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When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
this looks wicked promising, those gfx remind me of FFT and kartia.

love it :V
i feel like i should be guiding a remote-controlled missile towards an unsuspecting kurdish ladysniper
I know it's still in the works... but why can you jump/ fall off the edge of the screen?
Because it's just a test level and I didn't put any guides in there so you'll fall to infinity unless you reboot the game.
I think it's funny that the first thing that people think to themselves when they see if my engine works is "hm... I wonder if I can kill myself by falling off the edge?"
3D in Rpg maker? The walls of reality has broken.

Good job, hope to play this.
Resident Nonexistence
This is all done in..ah.. Gamestudio right?
Sucks you had to cancel it :/
I did some C/C++ programming. Don't worry, this project will be back under a different setting and quickly too. I might need more people.
I really wanted to give something with your engine a review because I've been anticipating it for a while, but since this was mostly an engine test I'll just leave my thoughts here.

I think the 3D environment and 2D sprites definitely works. It would be cool if you could play with the camera (although I don't know how easy that is) with a zoomed in or over-the-shoulder cam for towns/houses and the zoomed out fixed cam as seen in the demo for field/dungeon areas.

The game plays at full speed even on my useless old laptop so there's no worry about it being too graphically intensive, although twice I had a fatal error that made the game close.

The range/melee attacks function pretty well, but I would love to see some area-of-effect skills, maybe with a menu that pops out and pauses while the player selects. The engine seems to lend itself to dealing with several enemies at once, so being able to target an area would be useful and satisfying.

That's about it. As soon as an actual game comes out (*ahem* Ferrum Anima), I'll be one of the first to play it.
There are area of effect attacks, you can sort of hit multiple enemies with fire scrolls, and the gravity bombs really hit several at once.
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