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This was supposed to be made for some bad fanfiction contest, but the people running didn't respond to my submission. I probably just got their email address messed up. Oh well.

Anyway, do you enjoy reading bad fanfiction for the hell of it? Perhaps you enjoy works like Doom: Repercussions of Evil, or perhaps Half-Life: Fulllife Consequences? Well do I have a game for you! It is about Magus, Frog, their secret love for each other, and, to a lesser extent, the fictitious author, Magusultrafangirl. And, uh, if you don't enjoy that sort of thing, I hear Ara Fell is pretty good.

Oh, and one note about this game: it's a z-code story file, which means it needs an interpreter to play. The main download will include an installer for Windows Frotz, a common z-code interpreter for Windows, but a download of the plain story file will be available if you want to play the game on other interpreters, like Zoom for the Mac, or Gargoyle for Windows/Linux.

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  • 12/18/2009 01:39 AM
  • 08/25/2014 09:57 PM
  • 12/18/2009
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i'm for real don't you dare delete this entry.

Seriously, though, those text adventure games are wicked fun. And this game looks hilarious... Although I hope this game is meant to be satire.
most promising non-RPG 2009
Okay so I just submitted the downloads. The game should be up pretty soon.
brb fapping to preview images
If you're wondering about the interpreter/z-code thing, it's been a text adventure trope since the Zork days. People still use the interpreter/story file because they found it convenient.
Just played this! I kinda had mixed feelings about the writing in that it seemed to rely on misspellings and bad grammar to get across that awful-fanfiction-feel and didn't really get across the bizarre sentence structure/cadence that makes stuff like that Halflife story so amazing. As a consequence it kinda felt TOO BELIEVABLE as fanfiction to be really funny although maybe this was the intention?? I still liked it though. Props on the text parser too, I was pleasantly surprised that it recognised '>DOFF PANTS' as a command.
"Doff" is actually a standard verb in Inform 7. You can think its creator, Graham Nelson for that one.
Oh yeah, while I don't think this needs a review or anything, and I played this a while back .. want me to give it a go? : D
I'd prefer that you didn't, but if you really want to, I guess I can't stop you.
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