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The Dragon's Fantasy comes to a conclusion in this installment, with the very fabric of reality its self being jeopardized by the appearance of the Hero of Old.

When all of the dreams become one, the gate will open, and the truth revealed. What this truth holds is unknown to all creation, but the result of being witness to its knowledge is cataclysmic.

The end is near.

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In Development

Hello everyone! I haven't given any updates on anything regarding this project in quite a while, and truth be told it's because I've been a tad lazy as of late. I find myself with tons of free time to work on some of my RPG Maker projects, play some videogames, write, draw, or something else that would be a bit productive in the least. But of course I ignore all of that, and usually just sit there and complain about being bored with nothing to do. I'm sure we've all experienced that before, but it's beginning to bug me and so I'm forcing myself to get off of my butt and actually do something.

Venaitura II was originally going to be the "finale" of the Dragon Fantasy series, but after a bit of thinking I found that to be a tad silly (and I question what kind of drugs I was on when I thought of that...) and so it's evolved/changed in to an actual sequel to the first "Venaitura," and takes place a few years (roughly 9-10) after the first game ends.

I recently managed to finished stringing the main plot points together, and finally figure out which direction I want this project to take (in regards to the story), so I hope to soon be able to start in on the actual script/dialogue of the game and make some meaningful progress.

As of now (and I don't plan on changing this at all, but you never really know) the game is not "epic" in scope, and will not deal with saving the world, a race of people, some continent, or anything similar. It's a lot smaller in that regards compared to the first game, but I don't think that will have any impact on the game what-so-ever. In fact I think it will actually benefit it, seeing as how a massive "save the world" plot would be a handful to deal with.

That's all the news I have for you for now, so stay tuned for my next Blog entry... whenever that'll be. Hopefully it's soon, but keep an eye out regardless!
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  • 12/19/2009 08:24 PM
  • 10/03/2015 08:33 PM
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Resident Terrapin
Yo could you expand on your description or something, it is a little short
I'm in the process of making one. I'll probably have it extended by tonight or tomorrow. =O
LOL I was about to leave the site for tonight and I saw this. Good luck with your final installment Ephiam.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
"oops not enough MS time to make another dragon fantasy"

seriously though this looks p cool. :D
MS time...? >:I

I'm also going to have to keep repeating that if you want an NES game type of experience like with, say, DF 2, Hellion, etc. then this is not the place to look. It's going to be a fun mixture, even if it's as inconsistent as balls.

Take a look at the videos in the first DF:V's blog to see what I mean (sort of).
Yup, this's going to be great, just as I thought. :3
You thought so, did you...!? Well then, that's excellent! Uboa ha ha ha!

Be sure to check out the demo that I'm releasing for RS Day 8!
Ah I have your other games saved on my computer. I love them so.
I usually don't download demo's most the time but I shall download this one. So this is the last one? I'm a bit sad at that, but excited too since I'm sure this will be the best one right?
All of them? That is quite a lot, you know! But I'm glad that you do, because it makes me smile when I hear someone say that--and believe me, it isn't all that often! Bah ha ha ha!

I'm fairly sure this will be the last one. It will be the game to explain how everything is the way it is, anyway, and why all of the games are so very... different from one and other. It might make sense and it might not, but I like what I have. =B

If you or anyone else gets around to playing it, please dump here all that you thought of it.
Dragon Fantasy comes to and end!? NO!
It can't end, oh the humanity the 8-bit humanity I tell you.
Hows the progress coming along with this?
It's coming along well, actually! But I've decided to finish Origins before I go and tackle this again.
2 mp3's are missing:

I remember making the original title screen for the first Dragon Fantasy. I felt like making a title screen for this one (didn't see you post any). Anyways, you can make changes if you want.

Thank you for the beautiful Title Screen, Ghost! I love it. I just found it strange how someone randomly made a title for one of my games without me even having to make a request! Made me feel awesomely happy.
I remember making the original title screen for the first Dragon Fantasy. I felt like making a title screen for this one (didn't see you post any). Anyways, you can make changes if you want.

=O. That is an AMAZING title screen!
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
NNNOOOOO!!! This is the second project that I have been looking forward to that got cancelled in the past two days!!


Any way you might post the current version of it?
Hahahaha. Don't worry, it's not REALLY dead, it's just going to merge with another project. I've cancelled both DF:Venaitura II and DF:Origins because I felt that I just wasn't getting what I wanted out of either of them. So I merged them together! And now things are looking a lot better. This time, however, the project is going to be a TRUE NES-styled game, much like DF II, complete with NES MP3s and the like.
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