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Originally made in 2007, it was a game that never really left the beta-stage. That's the stage this release is in as well. There's essentially a lot of finishing touches that aren't there. The game was made in Adventure Game Studio version 2.72.

Left click to do something
clicking on the gui at the bottom will change the left click to whatever you just clicked.
Right-clicking defaults the cursor back to "Move"-mode.

The game is set in Reality-On-The-Norm, a community project with shared resources and things like that. This means that all the characters you meet in the game have established pasts and things like that so the enjoyment of the game may depend on how much you know the setting from before. The plot of the game is essentially that you are a clone sent out to assassinate the mayor of Reality, which is the zombie Michael Gower.

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Designer notes

I thought I'd waste fifteen minutes writing something about this game and its background while I wait for a download to finish.

This is a Reality-on-the-Norm game. I made one of these before (Simon's Journey) and I really like the concept of Reality. However it just so happened that most of those projects fell through and then I got into my morbid mode where I wanted to kill off people.

So happened The Assassination of Michael Gower. The thing about RON is that there's a lot of resources and characters ready to use so I didn't really have to bother too much about that. The main character I created for this game and it shows since the hood is not even black and there's no talking animation. It's not exactly the greatest piece of work out there but on the other hand I needed a new character if I wanted a character dead.

I don't remember too much about the process of making the game right now. I do know that the game is incomplete. It's finishable and can pass for a complete game but I had plans to write interactions for all possible combinations (though some would have been the generic "can't do that", I also wanted some "yeah I could do that, but it's not what needs to be done") As it stands now the game is bare-bones and not properly game tested. (though the first release had a game-breaking bug that I fixed)

I guess the most effort in this game was put into the first cutscene and the final cutscene. Most of the sound effects are directly stolen from my Fallout Tactics folder (that I, unfortunately, nolonger have) and personally I think the final shooting scene works pretty well dramatically. I know cutscenes are the bane of all game existence but the fact is that they're so much fun to make.

One of the biggest problems I see with the game is actually the snarky main character. If the character is a clone that just gained consciousness I really don't understand at all why he would be snarky. Why would they program such a characteristic into him? Of course it's always easiest to write for snarky and it makes for the breaking of the fourth wall and other self-referential things but to be honest I don't understand why the character would be like that.

When playing the game it sort of annoys me. But I also know that I probably couldn't have written him any other way.

Also. Disco!
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  • 12/21/2009 07:40 PM
  • 03/20/2010 08:03 PM
  • 12/21/2009
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Looks pretty cool, I'll try it tonight.
I'm stuck.
I ALWAYS get stuck in games like this. I think having a walkthrough in AGS games should be mandatory!
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