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Tiny warning as a preface: There seem to be game breaking bugs which will force you to quit the game and reload. Also, as the developer, I don't even think this game is fun, so continue at your own peril


You play as a "Hero" who takes on requests for a living. These requests include anything from killing monsters to solving puzzles.
As you progress you can decide which stats you want to increase, be it strength, max health or items you can bring along for a mission.

The game utilizes a series of custom systems, including custom menu, abs, and a shooting system, used in one of the missions.
Once you beat a stage you get a score depending on your performance, and as the sum of the highest score of each stage increases, so does your level. In other words, only way to keep increasing your level without doing new missions is by outdoing your earlier performances.

This demo includes 7 missions and a number of spells with varying function to test out as well as a minigame one can access by examining the rotating crystal at the base.

The idea behind this concept was that I could extend on it whenever I liked an as such get a game which could grow where I could experiment with a number of stuff without having to integrate it to a storyline.


This game has been cancelled and will not be finished or continued, since the underlying project is a mess, and any time investment on my end would be better spent elsewhere at this point

If you download the game, make sure to read the readme file included in the folder

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Looks like fun, I'm going to try it out.
Downloaded, I hope it's as fun as it looks!
Probably not quite as fun I'm afraid, it still has some glaring problems. I really need to find the time to fix those things.
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