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240mb download--

Nothin' much, just a game I made for the contest. Worked my ass off, haha. Totally trying to follow the footsteps of classics like Final Fantasy 4,5 and 6, only with full custom art save for the sprites. I would have done custom sprites too, but the battlesystem needed them to be VX sized.

Originally I'd planned to repaint ALL of the art, but I wasn't able to get it done before the time limit was up. So some of the water tiles and such are still RTP as well sadly. A few of the less important tiles too, woodpiles, haystacks, etc in towns. And if you see a red X try to ignore it, those were markers for art I needed to do, and didn't get to it, there shouldn't be many though.

Generic high fantasy, 8 playable characters, short story, complete with ending.
Unlikely heroes and enemies must team up to catch a common threat that plagues all of their people, when they stumble onto a new, more serious threat unknown to them all.

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  • Hyptosis
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  • 12/24/2009 08:23 AM
  • 06/24/2018 11:06 PM
  • 12/31/2009
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I'm interested! Hope you get it uploaded to the site at some point!
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Yeah if you need to, you can upload it elsewhere and use that URL for the game download. I very much want to play this.
I crash on a missing song when I try to enter the tent right after the pass that is past the Cryer towers.
Wow, thanks, I really effed up there, I'm uploading the song now, just paste this mp3 into the BGM directory.
Resident Nonexistence
(that means dl the fix)

I think I just might try this out.

BTW, at the time of this post HAPPY NEW YEAR
God this place is a nest for bots.
Damn, I like the cover picture of this game.So artistic :)
Hello, I had a problem with the mp3, but I put some mp3 I have and renamed it by the missing one and pasted it in file. The outcome was hilarious.

However, you have a problem with money. It seems that you worked so hard on the graphics and music (that I give you a thumb up for it), that you forgot how will the character makes a buck. I can only get money from boxes now and then, but I can't get any money from enemies, so how exactly can I rest at inns or upgrade equipment?

Another note: the healing items don't heal that much, especially when you advance in levels.
Hyptosis, Hyptosis.... that name sounds familiar. I think I've seen it on Newgrounds.
The link is down, but this developer appears to be active on twitter. I'm not gonna do it, but if anyone wants to contact him about this you can go find him.
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