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http://www.divshare.com/download/3903099-e84 for download">
A dark and morbid tale set in a vibrant fantasy world following the journey of Koen Marek to unearth the secrets surrounding his past.

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Easy 5 out of 5. Thank you for creating this, it has inspired me to work harder and I just feel better lately in general.

Yeah that's right! Cell Chamber, beleive it or not being a horror game, has cured me of depression!

Take Cell Chamber for depression.
I'd love to try this game out, but I'm haveing trouble with the download.....
WOW this game looks amazing, nice CMS and CBS!
Found a typo in Koen's parents' room, when inspecting the books on the right side of the table next to the security code. "don'y" should be "don't".
It's a CTB battle engine. Good use of it!
Hmmm the link seems to be to a expired website <,<;;
check out my game Dragon Slayer Origins on page 9 :P
I hope this is still being worked on. It was thouroughly addicting and I find myself wanting more and more. I haven't seen game design like this since Brickroad.
Is it me or the download link is broken? I rly would like to take a look at this game but I get directed to an unexisting website...
After all this time the link is still broken...
Guys, I couldn't re-up for some reason but the game is still available here:


If anyone in the know whats to make the link here go to the one above, then please do.
My mind is full of fuck.
In the escape shaft there's some random rtp guy there for no reason.
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