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Avarice is an action roleplaying game created in two weeks for the 2009 Game Chill Competition. The contest's theme of Opposing Forces is represented by the forces of Magic and Technology in the world of Arvera, where the scattered remains of an ancient civilization have left the people with an abundance of both but an understanding of neither. The game's projected playtime is around two to three hours, but it was designed to have a considerable amount of replayability.

What is it about?

Avarice is the story of an arrogant sorcerer, Vandeli, who is searching for something, and he will do whatever it takes to to find it. Drawn into his affairs is a girl named Lexi, a savvy young scavenger who seems to bring trouble with her wherever she goes.

Game Features

-The Seraph Shooting System by Anaryu, for unique real-time combat.
-A very wide variety of attacks and abilities including melee weapons, firearms, magical spells, and traps.
-Enemies that can detect your presence by both sight and by sound. Or, catch an enemy off guard for extra damage!
-Supports both mouse and keyboard play.

-Two playable characters with unique weapons, abilities, and talents.

-Customizable Character Talents : Use your earned experience to improve your characters' ability to attack, use items, activate objects, or overcome obstacles such as locked doors.

-Nonlinear Story and Gameplay: Explore the dungeons of the world in whatever order you wish, depending on your actions certain story sequences may be different.

-Variable Difficulty Levels to suit any level of challenge. At higher difficulty, some enemies even gain new attack patterns.

-Randomly generated treasure and loot. Find a huge variety of weapons, armor, spells, accessories and more!

-Two possible endings.

Latest Blog

Inglorious Glory

Most people have probably noticed by now, but Avarice is back on RMN after a brief hiatus.

It's been over a year since this game was completed, but it is still very much a product of its very short development cycle. There are a number of graphical glitches throughout the game, the occasional typo (my typing skills are the stuff of legends) and certainly still some balance issues. I would have liked to have fixed some of these issues, but no longer have access to RMVX. I had never used VX before this project, so, due to the two week development cycle of the Game Chill Competition, I did all of my work for this using only the 30 day VX trial! So unfortunately these issues are likely to remain.

Though the game is kind of old news around here, Avarice still manages to get bursts of activity from time to time. It was mentioned in last year's Hyper magazine article, and both YDS and Deckiller have done a "Let's Try" for the game. YDS' videos are unfortunately no longer available, but Deckiller's can be viewed here.


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Devil's in the details
*Downloads* This looks really solid, any my personal winner canditate. Let's see how it plays!
This is good fun so far! Whoever wrote Vandeli should get a medal, he's hilarious. 8D

I'll keep playing this.
Solitayre wrote all the characters (though I did write at least 2 of the sign-posts under his direct guidance; I still feel proud.)
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
It makes me very happy that someone enjoyed the writing. I am glad you like the game, Skie!
Oh my god Vandeli is hilariously awesome. You just got a fan!
Resident foodmonster
This is good stuff. A bit on the easy side though, I'm playing on hard and am having little difficulty. And I usually never pick anything above Normal (and usually default to Easy).

But otherwise, this is actually very enjoyable. Vandelli is amusing, Lexi is very powerful with guns once you start getting a bunch of ammo for it.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I am so excited to play this game, you have no idea. It'll be my first RM game of the new year!
Seriously though, my mind = blown from the videos you guys posted. I had fun just watching them.
Resident Terrapin
This project was surprisingly good, and maybe just because Vandeli reminds me strongly of Lezard Valeth
Vandeli <3
Now that you mention it Magi, he is kinda Like Lezard :O
I had no idea who that was, but thanks to the Valkyrie Profile wiki I can certainly see the resemblance. :)
Returning from RMVX Death
OK, I haven't gotten very far in this game, but already I can tell... A 'LOT' of work went into this game. It is amazing...If I were reviewing this thing, I would of given it 5/5 stars just for the coding and graphics alone. Music is top of the line... Its very nice.
It's nice, indeed!! but i already set the difficulty easy, it's still too difficult for me:( The following is some complaint from a feeble player.

Using right hand Keyboard-control means failing to aim monsters accurately, while my left hand fingers have a hard time controling character's movement. Besides, some monsters are too small and moving too fast to aim at them.

Now i stuck at the boss fight in water ruin. I spent lots of time fighting monsters to earn EXP here. My Elemental talent has arrived the Max level, but i don't see any difference. For example, fireball magic always deals only 25~30 damage to those seals. Nothing improves after leveling up Elemental talent.

On the other hand, it runs kind of laggily now. I tried starting the "New Journey", it' runs very smoothly at the beginning. Is there a problem with the savefile?
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Don't feel bad, Zamil, it is not easy for everyone!

If enemies are too small or fast for you to hit, try one of Lexi's melee weapons (I prefer whips myself) or dropping one of Vandeli's glyphs in its path.

Magic damage is determined by a variety of factors, not just your skill level. Enemies have elemental affinities that affect how damage they take damage. I believe most of the enemies in the Waterfall Ruin resist Fire, for instance. Try using a different spell, or buy Vandeli new equipment to raise his Spirit stat. Fireball is also an early game spell that has less damage potential than other spells (although it does splash damage and affects multiple targets!) As you progress through the game, new spells of each element will become available that will raise your damage potential.

Some maps just lag more than others, especially on older machines. I doubt it is an issue with the save file. Setting the game's priority to "Highest" in the task manager will likely help.
Another thing you can try is using the keyboard layout more if you're having trouble with the layout; if you check the manual included it lists the controls.

Keyboard doesn't let you shoot at angles, but you can focus more on dodging that way.

The water dungeon is a bit laggier than the other maps since it has so many animated tiles.
A game with anything to do with Anaryu?! I'm in!! *downloads*
Can't wait for it to finish downloading I am interested to see how it is!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I tried playing this and I can't play right. I've died three times in the intro. -.-.

...Make that four times.
Yikes. Do you mean the very first fight with Inan?

All I can suggest is staying out of melee range with him, maybe use the V key or right-click to switch to your Fireball to help keep him back.

I'm also uploaded a new version (just now) with him being weaker; download either the of the new versions (not the ones labeled GC) and I think you'll find him a lot easier to deal with.
I was blown away by this game, especially since it was made in such a short period of time. It made me realize I need to amp up the intensity of my project's gameplay, probably delaying it by a year or so. ;)
Simply amazing. I was blown away by the battle system and mapping. The dialogue is also hilarious.
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