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Liquids and Solids are at WAR!

Get Bug Fix #2 in addition to the main game.

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  • 12/29/2009 12:01 AM
  • 12/31/2009 07:54 PM
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Ah, I see the fixes, I'll grab those, thanks!
Sorry, should've updated the main description. See Bug Fix #2--extract to the same folder as the original--yes, replace. (I was very rushed for time at the end, and this got through making it kinda unplayable as Solids without the fix.)
Was playing it and trying to figure out how to play, lost the first level and did Retry, then clicked at the top-most gate (still the first level) and got a crash:

Very cool idea, are you going to finish this?
Thanks for the interest, but it's incomplete and likely buggy. Trying a 'round-about method for compo submission.
it's been a long winter
This looks cool. Will download.
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