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You are cold, alone, and need shelter. You must gather resources (and a decent supply of tools,) in order to build yourself a place to stay warm.

To gather materials, make either lines of 4 or 2x2 squares of the same resource. Once you break up a structured block (the things that fall,) its pieces will fall willy-nilly. However, once a structured block stops, it will not fall again until broken (it will even defy gravity!)

If anybody feels compelled to make a fitting soundtrack , I'd be happy to add it with credits. I haven't been able to come up with anything that doesn't get old after 30 seconds.

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  • 12/29/2009 01:57 AM
  • 01/28/2010 01:46 AM
  • 12/29/2009
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Yay, I like puzzle games. I'll give this a shot.
Bah. Unless you actually DO anything with those materials, it's just Tetris repackaged. Example, there's some game on the DS where you try to collect some golden suit, and you solve block puzzles by horizontally rearranging blocks (sorta like doctor mario, wario's woods, whatever except you can go halfway up to rearrange too). The added twist is that it doesn't really matter if blocks overstack since they just move up the screen, but it keeps you playing because bonuses and monsters blend into the puzzle, and you need to collect the one and defeat the other to do well in game. It's a side scroller, called something like Adventures of Professor Hatigan (name's wrong). If you could do something like that I'd believe this is more of a complete game.
I would say that this isn't Tetris repackaged at all since it has more in common with the arranging on blocks. (a bit like Dr. Mario) but with Tetris clothes. The gameplay itself has actually very little with Tetris to do (where much as "very little" means quite a lot, but since nearly all games like this have blocks falling from top to bottom you can call all games like that Tetris-clones just like all FPSes are Doom-clones)

The game you're referring to is called Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, just to get the right name out there.
Yea, that's the one. The game I'd like with tetris would be one that could do for RPGs as that game did for side scrollers. You'd probably have to contain the game to menu rather than battle, but the puzzles would be a way to earn stuff to use on your quest.


For example, the wood, stone, etcetera becomes raw materials which you later take to a dealer. Tools becomes random bolts and wires and such. This gets processed into weapons or armor. If you made a few extra pieces (powerups) to drop randomly, you could have some that add potions among the other stuff. And some clear-screen powerup to gain faster exp.

Mebbe that's just me, but I think it would be cool to incorporate this into a larger idea.
bulmabriefs, I see what you're saying. I've played and liked Henry Hatsworth, though for some reason it didn't capture me as much as Picross did. The idea of an outside game is cool, but since the foundation of this game is the puzzle itself, and not the extra stuff, I'm not sure adding another layer would improve the game as a whole. If you ever played Tetris 64, they did something like that, where lines cleared went to reconstructing stuff like Mayan temples. It was a cool idea and had my young self very excited (I made my dad take me to the store the day it came out thinking it might be bought out--how foolish I was,) and I was sorely disappointed. The game itself was the same tetris I already had on NES, the music wasn't as cool, and even the reward of seeing these buildings slowly built wasn't as satisfactory as the ominous change in block color, and not nearly as cool as Carmen. Forgive me if I've strayed a little from the point. (Yeah, okay, I don't have cool ending effects in this yet, but they're slated for development if enough people say "game's not shit--keep working on it.")

I disagree still that it's tetris repackaged since the play strategies are completely different--it's probably impossible to beat the the more advanced levels without one to deal with block buildup. (Though I've yet to beat it.) Concerning making the game easier, I don't want to change the mechanics any more (I already changed a couple things to make the game easier before release... it was way too hard,) and at most I'm thinking about making the play area a bit taller--perhaps even 1 block wider. This is since, due to the nature of the game, blocks naturally build up, and all the strategies in the world can't beat sheer randomness. I've also thought about adding random power-ups too, say, to clear out a line or two from the bottom.

About ten minutes in, it crashed on me, giving me this error:

The instruction at "0x5ed195ec" referenced memory at "0x7ff50007". The memory could not be "read".

Might be a one time thing, or maybe because I had Firefox open at the time.
I dunno, SegNin. I'd guess either a problem with ika and/or your operating system (particularly if you're on linux.)
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