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The story of Dragon Fantasy: Origins takes place within the world of Tsufanubra, and it is a relatively simple tale. Vlad, a mage from the prospering city of Lispen has defected, and now wields his magics with a dark purpose. In his quest for an unfathomable dark power, he has cursed the world and its inhabitants, transforming them in to monsters and various other forms of demonic entities.

You take the position of the Hero, and with your band of adventurers must set off across the vast world and put an end to the dark mage's evil schemes.

Game Rating:
E (Everyone).

Just me so far.

-Ephiam/Lavata (Me) for 70% of the graphics. The monster sprites are the only non-custom part, and they come from one of the early wizardry installments (or a remake of the first?).

-Music, sound, etc. all come from various other games such as Zelda, Wizardry, Breath of Fire, Shin Megami Tensei, and Seventh Saga.

The player is free to construct their own party from the ground-up as soon as they've started the game, so there are really no pre-defined characters to speak of. Instead, here is a list of classes you're able to choose from for each of your player characters upon starting a new game.

Latest Blog

Demo Now Available

Well then, as you can see the demo has been accepted and awaits your download! Ha ha. It has a fairly lengthy playtime, spanning roughly 4-5 hours (give or take), and that's not even the half-way point of the game! But if you were to play, the overall party level before finishing would be roughly... Lv.16-18. Just saying.

But if you give the game a try, please get back to me with your thoughts! Nothing better than coming on here and seeing a comment on one of your game pages. He he.

So... enjoy!


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It just better do that, Ms. 4D! Also, expect a demo in the -very- near future.

Also, this may not look it, but it's quite a bit of fun. I find that adding classes always does that, as you're not playing the game in the -exact- same way each and every time.
Yeah, that's true!
Are you reusing (ha, good one) the classes from DFII, or will you throw in new ones, Mr. Oricuna?
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
You realize this makes 7 Dragon Fantasy titles, right?
There's going to be new classes in this one, and I'll list them off when I release the demo.

And 7 games!? Woot! Though I think that it really is 6 if we're not counting My Hero. That one was (sadly) canceled after I lost all of the stuff belonging to it.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Dragon Fantasy: Quest of the Avatar.
Oh oh oh ho. Has a nice ring to it, yes? >=)
I think the gameplay was not very good, moving the hero is too soft, I suggest you do like the old Ultima series (step by step, without passing the frames). The battle system was very well represented, but I suggest you also do some animation in VGA style. I also suggest working a little more chipsets. The colors are high-contrast, and this causes a headache after a few hours of play. I suggest taking a look at Ultima 5. I think it would be a good inspiration ... ^^

Sorry for the bad english...I do not speak English very well ...
Hours? My good man, you're not supposed to play a game for hours! About an hour or two is fine, but any more than that and you need a break regardless! Ha ha. Also, that step-by-step thing would be real hard to pull off in RPG Maker 2000, and I...don't really know if it would be possible at all, actually!

Also, your English is not bad at all. It is a lot better compared to some of the regular, native English speakers that I've seen around...but then they don't really put much effort in to it, do they? Ho ho.
Well, your project encouraged me to create an engine for RPG Maker 2000 in the style of old games in the style of Ultima and Wasteland. Maybe it would even be a little interesting for the Dragon Fantasy.

Moreover, even had forgotten to mention, I'm a fan of all your work ... = D
Well that is certainly great to hear! Brings on a smile, you know? Ha ha. And what kind of engine are you talking about there? Anything that I might know of, or is it only a personal experimentation?

Also, which is your favorite? I've about a billion DF's, so do you have a "most liked"?
Engine is how we Brazilian referring to Demo systems.
Fantasy Dragon And my favorite is the first that brings me good memories of the time I played a Dragon Quest on NES. I was about 4 years at the time, knew nothing, but just liked ^ ^
Correcting: Dragon Fantasy is my favorite ... = D
Need a new translator ... =p
You the practice of self-promotion

I tried your demo and I agree with Mary 4D ... except the one I used more than 20 years ago had a monochrome screen. If your idea was to go very retro, you have accomplished it! Hard to believe you used RPG2k to make this one.

Regarding what I saw, I agree that the movement is a little bit too soft, so that it was easy to step accidentally over tiles causing damage without careful control. Your party customization and possibility of choosing, not only gear but also spells, definitely allows a lot of replay value. What I like about this particular DF is that fights are random, so that you can get a sense of whether your current level is adequate compared to that of the monsters and don't just necessarily battle the same monster groups ad nauseum.

What could be a little bit helpful would be item and spell descriptions, since some of them, just by name don't make sense to me ...

It is so far glitch free and doesn't have the spelling and grammar issues some others have. Audio is in line with the retro feel you are trying to set.

I hope this bit of feedback helps and look forward to your completed game or next demo!

Ephiam, your download file, doesn't install, i have to download again and again to play.
I can't wait for the finished product when I return.
I can't wait for the finished product when I return.
Don't ask how I did that, this website when wonkers on me.
Yeah, so I deleted the demo that was up there. I'm going to wait until I either finish it, or get a good bit done of some EPIC game to actually put out any sort of demo.

Also, I revisisted this game after not working on it for so long and I loved it. I loved playing it, and just doing everything with it! Such are the joys of little games like this. So simple to make, and so great to work on.

I'm hoping people will give it a chance regardless of the graphics when it is released!
I want to play it even MORE because of the graphics!
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