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Zwanzig siebzehnten

I haven't done much work for Night of Marian, no it's not cancelled or hiatus or anything don't worry.

...But I did work for Ill Will! I finished the 2 skullies so it's safe now. I think I have to fix a sprite but I'm not really free with it right now but none the less.

547/130 monster concepts done.
130 monsters are all we need but I did over 547 instead! (Ninco+Nessy+TFT+Elagune) so we'll just scourge the ones we need! I still think TFT is the best monster designer I ever saw, it's too bad he's so busy ;w;)

Here's some art!


Zwanzig Sechzehnten

As I promised:

oh and


Zwanzig Fünfzehnten

I just realized that I lost all of my Marian psds, so it means...redraw. Now is a great time to do some...changes. I'm not sure what the reactions of the new art will be but this is just faster and easier for me so TwT;;


EDIT: Oh dammit, I didn't notice the color issues :/ Fixing.

P.S. Menu will be prettified so ;A;)


Zwanzig Vierzehnten

Thank you Kazesui for the German ;w;

Otherwise, onto the bad news, stuff happened and lots of changes occurred.

One obvious one will be that Gunnar and Kell...aren't in the game anymore, maybe as Cameos in a shop but that's what happened and it killed off my plot ties with...other things so I'm rewriting and designing a character to replace him. I actually have 4 choices right now but that needs work.

The other thing is, I've been so busy and I didn't do much work at all (if at all, I'm sorry Chaos I'm an awful team member ;A;)

And the good news, Chaos is Awesome, I should totally give him some Pepsi because he finished stat-ing the enemies (and I haven't given them names yet <A<), skills, stats, and pretty much did all the work for me because I suck at this and I should totally give him something in return...Dude thanks a lot, I love you ;w;

(P.s. Chaos I just noticed I can equip passives, I suck 8D)

Pretty sure there's a lot of work to do but...Oh well!
Thanks for tuning in ;w;)/

Have some art orz:


Zwanzig Dreizehnten

I finished all of Gunnar's battle set '3')v
Now for either Archeia/Alice/Amadeus. (42 Facesets to go)

And some preview:



Hard Disk died again and I still haven't backed up all of it. Don't expect anything from me for a while

Chaos is still working on the battle system though.


Zwanzig Zwölfte

For those who didn't notice yet, Chaos has been added to the developer list for helping me with gameplay balancing (I pretty much blackmail'd him to it)~

Here's an outdated one '3')

He's doing some CBS changes and...did my character skillset pretty much unexpectedly, and there was the whole livestream O_O; So I finished the following:

New Character that replaces Kell, she's optional but beware 8D

I'm still not happy with Archeia so expect changes 8D


Zwanzig Elften

Doing some graphics overhaul

> Finish the battle system '3')
> Finish a few maps





Keep It Simple, Silly!


I admit defeat and decided to cut off a lot of my plans which includes and not limited to, cutting off the playable characters, down toning the amount of graphical work, cutting off a large portion of the story for less artwork needed and eating lots of cookies.



This getting frequent and, sadly, I just have to blurt it out.
Seriously, guys, stop reminding me about marian everytime I go online because I am tired and I have tons of homework and mid-term exams that will cost me 50% of my grade if I fail them. If I get this again, I'm.going.to.delete.this.game.page.and.cancel.this.project.forever.

Now that's out of the way, no I didn't do anything for this game, I was too busy with my projects and I don't even want to think about the workload I still have to do for this game. I will drop a picture though, and not for young audiences:

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