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Rob retired his pirate life and started a living on a lonely island. One day his servant Binley delivers Rob an alarming message: the pirate Cormack has robbed Robs treasures and ships. Rob doesn't put up with that. Together with Binley he decides to seek Cormack on the sea and reclaim his property that was stolen from him.

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Language confusion...

Some people think this is a german game, because of the german images. It's also in german, because I have translated it from german into english. But this version is the complete english version...so get it now! :)
  • Completed
  • Ascare
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure
  • 01/04/2010 02:23 PM
  • 02/21/2014 03:02 AM
  • 01/05/2010
  • 21093
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In mode7... Ummm.... ??? wut?

Lemme find my snes... I think I could cram this game into it.
Mode 7 is what that 3d effect is called
I know what Mode 7 is. Mode 7 ain't 3D. It's the 8th SNES background drawing mode. He has emulated it here for the PC, which is nice, but kinda really wrong in some ways since computers don't necessarily have a "Mode 7".
Well it's a simulated mode7 how about that? :)
Who kinda cool....
let me download this one......
Ah finally sea rpg and much more stable version here than on rpg revolution which kept crashing every minute or two for some reason. Kinda shame that you can only shack no matter where you go besides that awesome I completed it. For those who are stuck keep viewing solution.
I can't move my ship what so ever!
to many bugs that I can like it!
no control over the ship what so ever.
battle or leave is not working, and so on.

If you can fix the bugs I maybe like it????
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