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The good, the bad and the panda

Ok. This game is totally R.S.R.S.
I mean "Rather Short and Rather Silly".
Vanilla Villain is, in short, a short demo (20 minutes?), an incomplete game full of wackyness. Anyway I am reviewing this because I'd love to play a long, complete version of this, or something similar.

But let's start from the beginning: Vanilla is our protagonist and blonde heroine, and at the beginning of the game she's driving her pink car while watching the news, and then her boss, a Panda, calls her...
A... Panda?
Well yes, because this game was made for the contest "Create a game using these themes: pandas, antagonists and rag tag team".
Ok, so our Vanilla has to blackmail the evil anti-porn antagonist to help her pandas bosses. That's it. Ok, it's a weird premise, nonenthless I appreciate a lot the fact that this is not your usual fantasy premise with the heroine that has to save the world (and/or the pandas, in this case) from the evil bad guys.

Every good story starts with serious trouble!

Ok so after a nice intro scene, and a short exploration of the crowded club, in which you will meet the Panda bosses, the game shift to action and combat! Or, better explained, "run-and-gun" section set in a trippy and psychedelic weird setting, where you have to shoot fat guys, stars and naked bald individuals that will drain your hitpoints if they touch you. The game also says that you will lose life also when outdoor, but this seems not to be true. And that's a good thing, as there are few healing potions scattered around. The objective is to find the portal to the bad guy's villa, shooting enemies (there's only a bartender that has few word to say) and traversing a rainbow dimension.
And, once you do that...
everything falls apart!

Yes, because this is just a short demo, you can explore the villa, but pay attention, as some doors will teleport you again inside the psychedelic world! The butler will confirm that you reached the end so... byebye!

Well, this is the end of the game, but not of this review: the game is visually pleasant and nice, it reminds Shattered Hearts to me for the sillyness of the story, some psychedelic and colorful locations, and also the style of the charsets used. But also because it's a cheesy game too. Unfortunately this game was not completed, as I mentioned before, but I appreciate a lot some features, like the intro, the good mapping (I'm speaking about the apartment, the club and the mansion, not the psycho-world!), the excellent (animated) Vanilla portrait, and the music too! The Lupin the 3rd theme song is used inside the club, and it's a perfect choice, in my opinion.

This is a fun game, with some great touches (see for example the phone cutscene in the pic above: that's what I call style!), sadly unfinished and rushed in the last part. Pity. Anyway it's ten minutes of real good fun (I laughed at the "flying pan", when I found in in the kitchen of the villa, but ok, that's me and my sense of humor!), the (very few) characters are all likeable and the dialogue is quirky and funny.
Unfortunately I cannot rate much more this little weird thing. But I am happy I played it!