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Legend of Vanadia is based around exploration of a huge world with many locales to visit. While a light hearted game with the theme of Adventure, there are deeper and darker parts. The battle system is based on the Linear Motion Battle System (this particular system coming from Namco's "Tales of Eternia") providing fast paced non stop action.

This game is also inspired by Dragon Quest VIII. I LOVED the epicness of the worldmap and basically I hope to bring to the plate the same epic feel you get traveling in this game that you got in DQVIII. SCALE is the keyword here because everything is to scale. Towns and dungeons on the worldmap are literally ON the worldmap. There is none of that silly "entire town in a 2x2 square on the worldmap" or the "character is a giant in a small world" like many other games.

Vanadia is a planet that is equivalent to 16th century earth. However, there are secret societies which are beginning to learn the art of "Science". In one such "science lab" there is a test subject who is though to have immense power in him. The power is dubbed "God Hand". One day, the test subject breaks out of the facility and kills everything in his way while he is escaping. Now he is wanted by the facility, who have dispatched a band of deadly warriors known as the "Crimson Riot" to capture him.



Vaash is a young man living in the port town of Nimavil. Born in the city of Jem, he went out hunting one day, then got ambushed and knocked out. On waking up, he found himself outside of the Port town of Nimavil with no recollection of how he got there. He made the best of it and started to make a living in Nimavil, hoping to make enough money to get back to his home one day.


Aerin is a student of the world famous "Sky Dragon School". Having no parents, she was found by the master of the school when she was little, The master took her in, and when she was just five years old, she expressed her desire to learn the art of "Dragon Flash", a technique only taught by the Sky Dragon School. Whats more, Aerin does these techniques with a two-handed sword, when it is supposed to be done with a one-handed sword. Even her master is amazed.


Rein is a mysterious figure. He showed up one day to help Vaash, and they've been traveling together ever since. Rein is notorious for being a flirt and telling exaggerated stories, which makes believing what he says a really dangerous task. (Especially for Vaash, who gets slapped by a lot of women because of Rein!)

Latest Blog

Massive delay to the project

Well, after nearly an year of being a bum, I finally got a job. As such, I now find myself hard-pressed for time and have hardly touched the project in 2 weeks. This leads, of course, to a delay in the making of the whole game. Yeah.... I know, but, jobs and things come before game making, but I will still be working on this whenever I get the free time (which is probably weekends).


Uh, I think we should just give them time, it is a big ambitious project afterall.
i seen this game on youtube and it actually reminds me of both my star ocean the 2nd story and tales on the ps1 days but of all the time iv been around playing these types of games this is the 1st time iv seen 1 like this.....id say good work but thats too small....great work!!!
I'm still surprised I managed to get my hands on the demo of this a few years back. Still have it too.
I remember this from youtube! The battle system looks very promising!
Wonder what's going on with this game?
My mind is full of fuck.
^ He has a job, and he properly works on it during weekends, we properly won't see more of this game in the future, the far future!
Hi guys, didn't know you guys still came to this page, thanks :) Just to update you, I lost all motivation because I couldn't find anyone to help with mapping, chipsets and other stuff, I've got the coding part down, everything programming wise is done but there is no content to make the game with, and I also don't have time either so.... yeah. All I do nowdays is go back to rpgmaker and rework the stuff I already made, instead of making new levels, enemies etc...
Woah Aten is alive :O
RMN sex symbol
Woah Aten is alive :O
So... There's a let's try of it but no download? Can anyone point me in the direction of one? Even if it is a demo... unless this game has been abandoned.
I've been looking forward to play this game too. In the meantime you can keep an eye on my stuff. I'll release a tech demo of a similar battle system soon. It will emulate the Tales of Destiny's system as much as possible, with pixel-precise movement and hitboxes, 3 angles of attack, dash and dash jump attacks, spell selection from the menu, formation control, etc.
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no dl? :O
and its canceled
please remove this thread for completed and games begin worked on!
Why in the world would you delete a game page? What if he wants to go back to this game later? (which he does)
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(which he does)

There's still hope!
RMN sex symbol
Oh wow, that's not what I was expecting. RIP Aten :(
What? ...Damn, that's...well, rest in peace, Aten.
That's such a bummer. :( I remember playing an old tech demo of Legend of Vanadia... RIP Aten
That’s so sad… I simply can’t believe it. :(

You will be missed, bud. R.I.P. Your contributions to everything RPG Maker will not be forgotten.