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What is Beauty

This is beauty.


Not safe for people who hate love.

Also, I have found SMT on several foreign sites already. WHY DO YOU TAKE THIS WHEN V&V IS BETTER


Plot Synopsis

This is a plot synopsis of Saga Mara Talon, for those of you who can't wait until tonight's release.


Finished, Step One

The game is finished. =)

I just need to test it to make sure that it, you know, works during the final parts of the game. I'm pretty excited. Expect to see it Monday or Tuesday. Karsu also has to wrap up his "offerings."

To pad this blog post: I have to go to the bathroom. brb


Busy Busy Busy

So, I've been super-busy today. On Sunday I didn't do much work on SMT because of Suikoden 2 and wanting to take a break from RM* in general, and today I was just ARGH to the core. I've done everything from wade through giant puddles to jogging a mile and a half to replacing textbooks to watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (homework, yesssss) to mapping out recent earthquake epicenters. Yeah.

The good news (well, Buffy and Angel are always good news; best class ever) is that chaos has 100% finished the uberboss for SMT. Yeah, I'm not mean enough. He even beat it on the super-secret-deluxe hard mode that won't be included in the game unless you use hax, on a turn that would end the game if he didn't win immediately. Crazy.

Yeah. More general good news is that 75%+ of the entire game is tested and deemed good on Normal mode! Excellent. THIS WEEK! (I said that last week.)


Skynet Music Terminatrus

Because horribly fake Latin-esque words are fun? I don't know.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlS_Rnb5WM4 (Some strong language; it's from TERMINATOR 2 so yeah)

Anyway, I'm working on the 50-75% area of the game; Tier 3. I'm glad it's getting wrapped up so that I can finally work on Arian Wild again. I'm working on enemies this very second, then I have to test the T2 bosses. I'll make the T3 bosses after I test this set of areas and decide that the enemies are a good strength.

I'll leave you with this quote from the hippie elf Hibiscus:

"I always feel a desire to dead-head my
flowers, and you, you look like such
a delicate flower... a dead delicate flower."



Okay, so I've decided that SMT is going to be finished when it's finished. Take that (end of the week max, btw). I decided quality > rushjob, so! It's currently half-way done, though. I just didn't do much work today - only testing. Testing testing testing testing testingingngngngignignigng.

So, in compromise, I uploaded a few more screens of me dying! Also, Karsu is drawing the title screen, and Mara looks as good as ever.

(Fun fact: I did at least five times in an hour. It was great fun!)


What's New, What's Not

So, Epic Monster Dungeon Explore! 2 was pretty nifty. According to the 2,000+ people who played it, that is, I guess, maybe? Something. Well, Saga Mara Talon is kind of like an EMDE!2 remake. It's based on the same world (although it's bigger now), shares a lot of bosses, and features Leon and Mara again. It also has a hippie elf, a laughing imp, and an awesome butler, among others.

What's new? Well, the biggest thing is that it's bigger (wordplay +3 EXP). The world itself is doubled in size, allowing for even more bosses and content. It's also bigger in the sense that it's not a single screen - while still an oddly-shaped archipelago, each area is an explorable landmass in and of itself. You'll still be able to find treasure and hidden shops, but you'll have to look harder as they're hidden in many different corners of the world. Protip: if there are unique features like pyramids or castles, you should probably investigate them!

Another major change is actual customization of ten characters. Each character has a starting skill and then fourteen more on top of that to unlock; you can purchase and upgrade skills with AP gained in battle. You can switch your army members in and out of the party at will, much like Diablocide.

The last huge change is that the game is no longer in ALL CAPS. Don't worry, a certain someone (who happens to have named the hardest difficulty level, "I SHALL PUNCH YOU INTO -") has kept their CAPSLOCK on.

I think these changes are, overall, for the better. It's now less DOS and more coolio.


Echo-out and Motivation

Thanks for the mention, Yanfly. =D


I'm actually making this game specifically because of the AI script that YF wrote/is writing (eternal beta!). I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a spiritual successor to Epic Monster Dungeon Explore! 2 (which was far more popular than it should have been), and I love the Demon Tower/Diablocide mechanics, which fit into the script well...

Yeah. There's a reason the game is called Saga Mara Talon, right down to elemental affinities/weaknesses for each player character. =D

Another source of motivation is ChaosProductions, who designed the game's uberboss and played the first hour of the game. Quality is a go!

I'll be blogging more until I release the game. Expect some "fanart" from Karsuman soon, and a few more screenshots.
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