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A attempt at making a JRPG.

A young man named Riou Manner been asked joined the L.E.O. Ghost Unit to follow the oath to Protect and Serve from the shadows.

Riou Manner the Main Hero is inspired by his Older Sister Asa Manner in becoming a L.E.O(Law Enforcement Officer) to uphold the Law and Protect the innocent people of Kroywen City. Riou made it to the top ranks very quickly after all his hard work. He is look down upon his fellow L.E.O. due to the fact that he is Asa Manner's Little Brother and string might have been pulled to get his position. After joining the L.E.O. Ghost Unit he will find out the everything he know isn't what he thought.

Latest Blog

Update version 3.1

List of Updates
  • Better Battle flow

  • Riou, Nel, and Evan are locked in party members with a 4th as a guest

  • Nel Sprite have been updated

  • Evan revamped from Sword to Fist user

  • Magic now use an Energy Meter instead of AP

  • Magic can only be used when meter is at 100%

  • Miss will be removed leaving no RNG misses

  • Blind state debuff is removed

  • DEX is changed to PRO(Proficiency)

  • PRO controls the Recovery rate of Energy Meter

  • Item limit is now 8 includes Items, Weapon Gem, and Armor

  • New Magic System, Magic Equip, and New visual Animation update

List of things I'm working on
Game crashing bug
  • Happens rarely but still happens

Master Orb system
  • There is a lot of bugs on this script and it not working the way I want. The way the Master Orb System works you are able to equip a Orb called "Burning Fire" it mainly boost STR and DEF while lower INT a bit. You are also able to learn all the spell it comes with like Fire 1, Fire 2, and many others. On the side you are able to extract those magic and turn them into gems(with a few item cost) and equip and unequip them. So you are able to still use Fire spell when you equip a Master Orb called "Frozen" which only teaches Ice Spells.

Learn any Physical Skill at anytime
  • At the cost of some Gold you are able to learn any Skills you want. At the cost of a lot of Gold you are able to learn the strong Skill first if you want but, you also could have got 3 lesser skills. At the moment I don't know how to set this up just yet without making the game too imbalance but, it going to happen.

Many thanks to MirageV for testing out the current system build and giving his input.
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  • JimmyLy
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  • 01/20/2010 09:51 AM
  • 06/27/2018 11:45 PM
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Looks pretty good, I'll give it a go when you release something.
Is this supposed to be a Tales fangame? If you changed the name and the currency (I take it that's what Gald Hunter means), it would pretty much be completely original. Originality is a good thing!

The plot really sounds like nothing special, but the graphics look great. It looks like it's 100% custom, and if it is, that's really impressive. The battle system looks pretty interesting too; I'd love to see a video of it in action. I'm going to subscribe to this to keep an eye on it.
Please don't make this a Tales Of game.

It only makes what could be something very nice seem stupid, the Tales Of seems tacked on.
I always wanted to change the game Title someting like "Tales of Final Fantasy" :D
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Tales of Final Fantasy: Dragon Quest

Do it.
Your screenshots have a lot of clashing resolutions.
It's impossible to get out of the night forest. When you turn the left bird to the left and then change the forest's direction to east, you get stuck in an infinite teleport loop on the map where the campsite cave is. :|
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
Holy shite, those graphics are good. I ASSHUUME* you made them. The only thing is the story line. I mean, from what's in the description, it's about yet another amnesiac whose parent(s) die and so he just feels compelled to go on an adventure.

*this is not, by any chance, a Perfect Dark reference.
I made 1/3 Custom 1/3 Edit 1/3 Rippped.
Most of them are Custom and edits.
I'm going to continue to protest that you need to change the name so it isn't pretending it's a professional game.
If you not giving any Critique or Criticisms please shut up about the title already. You are just being an ass about the lil things and nothing more.
No. No no no. Don't get defensive when people give you criticism; take it and learn from it.
The title is bad. You'd do well to change it and not affiliate this game with the Tales series in any way, because non-Tales-fans will be much more inclined to play your game.
Title Criticisms are useless Criticisms to me. Some people cant tell the different between good Criticisms and random ones. Trust me some one gives Criticisms the guy get DEF one person jumps in the bandwagon of "Oh he is giving you Criticisms learn from it." I have yet got any helpful Criticisms/Critque, just I hate this and that.
At you were more helpful when you were explaining it tho TooManyTosters.
Imma going to End the Title Change Criticisms Subject Here.

Final Note I'm not going to change the title.
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