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Valthirian Arc is a game developed with Lucidrine. The Player takes on the role of the Principal of an Academy in a magical fantasy world, known as Valthiria, and takes on the role of overseeing the training of the students and managing the school itself, teaching the young warrior and mage apprentices to cast magic and wield weaponry.

Enroll new students, train them, grade them up, give them examinations, take care of their mood, accept quests from nearby villagers, and make your Academy the most famous, prestige Academy of Valthiria!

Valthirian Arc Features System-Generated Characters to populate your academy, so there are hundreds of possibility of what your students become. The map is also Generated, you won't encounter the same field each battle :).


Left Click - Action
1/2/3/4 - Switch Character
Q/W/E - Change stance
SPACE - Principal Intervention (when the bar fills up)
SHIFT - Gather your Students

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Ever since it was posted in Kongregate, I saw that they also made a walkthrough for VA :)
For those who have a hard time playing here it is!


or check our wiki:



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Ha, just wondered when you are going to post this game.
I usually dislike flash games, but I guess I'll have to check out this game
Devil's in the details
Wait, is this game going to be free? I just saw you hiring voice actors in rpg revolution.
Yeah we're even willing to Pay the voice actors for the game if we need to. But the game itself is a freeware :).

And no, there will be no Shareware/pay to continue/whatsoever... it'll be absolutely free to play.
This reminds me of Class Of Heroes big time! Keep these up!
I really like the style of this >:3
Ness! You're involved in so many different projects!
I know D=
I can't even keep count!
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
I want this right now. Right this second. I want it.
beautiful ;3 did you do all the art?
I drew the character designs and CGs and made quests yes :D
this looks cool I want it! but can't have it til later
How do I make a game made with whatever you used you know custom
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
It's a Flash game. Ness already linked to it http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/529514 here.
Ah that's because the download is still pending as well.
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