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Runelords Retooled

  • kentona
  • 03/20/2010 03:37 AM
I have recently submitted a retooled version of Runelords that returns it to its original length from the first demo years ago. I've stripped out a lot of the chaff from the firstprojectitis from which this game suffered. It's still pretty lame but it's better now!

Download is available

I cut out the bevy of "systems" (leaving only the Rune system), dropped the CMS, cut out the non-sensical (and non-plot advancing) sidequests, reworked the dialogue, recoded the battles and enemies, and fleshed out the gameplay in ways that are suited to the story. I also removed as much RTP as I could.

The game is playable (hopefully!) right up into the Skytower.

The Menu system for Runes is NOT explained in game!

Press 1 for Ethan's runes
Press 2 for Myra's runes
Press 3 for Anduin's runes
Press 4 for Fenrir's runes
Press 5 for Curiokiki's runes
Press 6 for Tunric's runes
Press 7 for Neko's runes
Press 8 for Rumor's runes
Press 9 for Ghost's runes
Press 0 to unequip all runes

Press Enter to equip an unclaimed rune. Press enter again on it to unequip. Press Escape to exit. If that player isn't in the party, you cannot open their rune menu.

The current mastery shown is that of the person's whose icon is in the upper right.


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first download, bros
I once banned myself by mistake
Welp I realised there is a mistake in the game still. When you are supposed to fight the chimera, you instead fight the Malg Demon (again). Oh well.
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