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Here are some videos I made from the game:

Volleyball Minigame

As the name says, a volleyball minigame. One of my thoughest coding works yet, and still lots of bugs... but I'm proud of the result.

Singing Minigame

One of the characters is a singing wannabe, and here's here attempt on singing happy birthday to you. Hit keys 1-5 to match each of the 5 little balls, as they move through the song.


This is the fast-food restaurant, I just wanted to show the behavior of the crowd, as they get in the line to make orders, go to the bathroom, and all that stuff.


This is the big city of my game... I just wanted to show it, and taking a composite screenshot would be too much of a work. Tiles mostly drawn from scratch. I didn't get a chance to put NPCs yet, that's why it looks so empty.