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Production Resumed, Battle System Change

After taking a break, I decided to pick this project up again. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to work on it though.

After messing around and doing some tests, I decided to switch the battle system from ATB to CTB. Atoa's ATB is still pretty buggy, and it makes the "Force Action" event command hard to use. Switching to the CTB battle system will give me more options for enemy tactics and help spice up boss battles a little. I will release a new demo with the CTB battle system, but I am still somewhat busy at the moment so I can't say when I will release it.


V2 Demo Released

The new demo for Dark Destruction should be approved very soon. The new demo allows you to progress to the next dungeon, fight 2 new bosses, and learn some more skills.


New Demo Still in Progress

I am still working on this game, I just had a few delays. I've completed all but one map, but enemies still need to be balanced, one more cut scene needs to be coded, and map events and enemy encounters aren't finished yet.

I can't say when I'll finish the next demo, but I will finish it and this game WILL be completed.


Half-Way Done with Mapping

I'm half way done with mapping the new dungeon, progress has been going pretty smoothly. I still need to do enemies and scenes, most of which is already planned out. The new demo should be out next week if everything continues the way it's going.


New Demo on the Way

I will be releasing a second demo for this game, and it will probably be the last demo released before the full version of the game is available. This new demo will offer a new dungeon to explore, which includes new abilities to learn and 2 more bosses.

The new demo will probably be released within 2-3 weeks, depending on how much time I have to work on this project.
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