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DW:RoTH is a project that was in ongoing development for 5 years before finally being canceled. The full source and resources are now available for the community to use freely. Credit is only requested to be given if any of the maps are used.

RoTH was an ambitious project that went beyond my own personal abilities. This resulted in a duke nukem forever type of scenario. This game was intended to be as authentic to the DW series as possible, resulting in a slew of required custom systems, including a custom front view battle system, a custom menu system including custom inventory management (the DW series has character-specific backpacks) and a custom shopping system.

Other systems imagined but not completed were the composition and quest systems. The composition system would allow you to combine equipment with 'crystals' (yeah I know.. Crystals in DW) resulting in making improved equipment, measured in stats of 'refined, unique, elite' and so on (same as +1,+2,+3, etc).

All the music consists of mp3s ripped straight from the Dragon Warrior IV nes rom, along with a few tracks ripped from III and II. Same goes for the sound effects. Most of my pooled resources, I have ripped myself from dw4. There are also some Brazington resources in this project.

Some footnotes (Will add more as they come to mind or any questions come up):
- Press <Shift> on the overworld to access underwater. Use docks or hold <ctrl> (in test mode) to get to passable space. Enjoy what I thought was a cute dw-style submarine when I made it.
- Game relies heavily on the keypad. (+) opens the custom (broken) menu system, (-) closes it.
- Press (9) on the overworld to cast a 'return' spell (teleports to Annix).
- in 'Annix' You can use one of the npc's outside town to summon an airship (spawns on the overworld).
- The main way to the underworld is through an enterance that is underwater. This entrance is southwest of Alphan.
- The source itself is missing a few files that mainly only prevent the game from being played. To make the game playable, you will need to download the RoTH Playability Patch.

Latest Blog

Playability Patch

If you want to actually be able to play this game, you'll have to also install the playability patch. This patch installs some missing rm2k3 resources. Download: RoTH Playability Patch.
The patch will appear in the games download area once the patch is approved.

Sorry for the patch. A few rm2k3 rtp folders were not included. RMTool is great but I'm not perfect.
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