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Semester break is over. The night he wanted to return to Juno Academy, Bradshaw the student Sage witnesses a shooting star coming down on Mt.Mjoelnir. Since he studies astronomy, the young man is pretty interested in this unusual phenomena - but as he gets to the place, all he finds is a blind young girl who has lost her memories.
After he decides to help her out, suddenly there seem to be several people after their lifes.

RMC is a short kept "Ragnarok Online" doujin game for fans of the popular mmorpg. It is beatable in about 5 hours and has a rather tight storyline and relatively small dungeons.

There is ONE IMPORTANT thing to know before leaving the first town, that is, the custom-magic-system issue.
Bradshaw should "learn" new spells at the Kafra "Magic Service" very soon, actually check for new spells at every chance you have... elsewise you might miss one or the other and you can never learn them later.
That means, you get to learn pretty much all element based spells relatively early in the game.

In case it's not clearly explained ingame: 1.) buy an element based book, 2.) go to Kafra and ask for "Magic Service" 3.) equip the book you are interested in and then, in the following dialog pick the correct element.
New spell learned. Repeat that in every town with as many books as you want. Works only until you reach the town of Payon.

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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
You could have taken advantage of RMN's hosting as oppose to uploading to mediafire.

I'm downloading this right now.
for a moment I thought it was balmung chronicles
Wario's-a number one!
Just played it, you've got some serious balancing to do bro. the only logical thing to do in this game is to evade every encounter, healing items don't heal nearly enough, enemies have to much health. Some worm thing killed me in the first encounter at the begining of the game.

The main character is a born mute? And the girl is blind? The first boss was actually weaker then most of the random encounters in the first area... And then the cave. Techno music? battles that literaly take 10 minutes to finish. And then the 'demon' A black fucking smurf that was capable of hitting 3 times before even Bradshaw could even get a single spell off. And the damn thing was capable of killing anyone off in just a couple of hits.

That is as far as I got, it wasn't enjoyable at all.
Hehe, well first of all - thanks for checking it out and leaving comments. =)
Of course all comments are appreciated and I'm aware the game isn't fit for everyone.
The game is more for those who already know the original Ragnarok Online,
I put a lot of efford in adapting the creature's stats technically all pretty much 1:1 as in the mmorpg.
The challange is high, since you get to start at a place modeled after Mt Mjoelnir with lv 22 and only 1 offensive spell (Fire Bolt).
@Ark: Of course you should have read the introduction / tutorial dialogue carefully. It states that (and how) you absolutely must avoid those worms. The other monsters are good to level, and you get very cheap heals from the Kafra in front of the cave if you feel like leveling up a little before encountering the boss.
And the music is simply the original RO sountrack of that mine dungeon, used for nostalgia. Personally I love their soundtrack. =)
But even though you didn't like it, thank you for giving it a try. Maybe I can please you with some other game some other time.
Is this a joke? Why would you design a single-player RPG around the MMORPG's stats when the result is just a mess of imbalanced battles? What incentive is there to do that? I've played RO for quite a good deal and you really haven't gotten close to a single player version of it, let alone made a fun game.

Also the title doesn't make sense, at all.
Hmm, thanks for the comment Darken I guess.
But if you really beat the game and did not like it, I would prefer constructive critism above random trolling.
Wario's-a number one!
He is hardly trolling, you have some serious rebalancing to do.
this was an ok game i guess at least u released a game most people don't release theirs do to embarrassment.
It's funny how after weeks of release, no one have beaten the game, YET?
The creator should've done more beta testing, because most MMORPGs and RMXP stats balancing are NOT the same, and he actually doesn't care. I preferably give it .5 stars, because of the low replay value and broken stats balance and everything else that Ratty mention on his review, which I agree.

Please, for the sake of our insanity, rework this, and do some beta testing.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Of course no one has beaten it. The game is essentially unplayable.
hello i`m new and i downloaded the game
but i cant play it because i cant read anything
can anybody send me the fonts for this game?
There are a lot of things not perfect with this game.
But as you say, it's mostly the battle system - unfortunately not everyone can add / make run an awesome cbs on RMXP. );
Still, after all this time when re-playing this ol' game, I must say - it's a great game towards the middle / end but very difficult untill you get there. Probably only enjoyable for hardcore gamers. I'm sorry everyone ^^;
Why this game is hard?
Thanks anyway, I love Ragnarok Online Offline games :)
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