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This project started out as an experiment to improve my mapping and try out my skills making fun and entertaining gameplay, and I almost instantly got hooked on my results and decided on making an actual game out of it. Fairytale is not a RPG, although there are parts of the game that might suggest that it is. It's more similar to Zelda, an adventure-game with puzzle elements.

Fairytale follows the story of a young woman named Violet as she attempts to escape from the grasp of her wicked granduncle. When her parents mysteriously disappeared one night when she was only a child her granduncle took over the custody of Violet and her three sisters. Her granduncle had been living in his small house (that he liked to call Fairytale) in his own, private woods his entire life and never had any real connection with the outside-world. This had made him very unaware of what you can and can't do, and immediately tried to take control over the young girls to his own winning.

They had to work for him all day without anything in return, and was senselessly beaten if done wrong in any way. One after one they had tried to escape, with devastating results, until only Violet remained of the four sisters. Even though she was aware of the past results she had to try. She would die from all the work and punishments anyway, at least she had a chance of survival.

Violet has already succeeded with one part of the escape. You've already escaped from your uncle's house, and now you're the one who's going to lead Violet further until she's finally free. Perhaps you'll even uncover the unsolved mysteries of your missing parents. Are they alive, or are they lost forever?

Violet (age 27):
Our young protagonist who has been striving for true happiness for her whole life. She hasn't experienced much true happiness in her life, but deep within she feels the joy from her early childhood and realizes that there's more to life than the work she has endured for so long. Violet is a very shy person, and never speaks unless she feels entirely safe. She must be absolutely sure that no one can harm her before she decides to express herself. She's also very vulnerable in new situations and often loses control completely. Her sisters are often there to calm her down, though.

"The Uncle" (unknown age):
A very old man who has lived in his small house in Fairytale Forest for his whole life. For every year away from society his mind has become more and more twisted, and that in turn lead to unwanted consequences that affected the few around him. He had only had access to information through a few, old books in his house, most of them were fairytales about witches for example. Uneducated as he is he started to think that his very own relatives also were witches which very soon ended in disaster for Violet and her three sisters.

The Three Sisters (Petal, age 30 | Daisy, age 28 | Clover, age 24):
Violet's three sisters (Petal, Daisy and Clover) have also been enduring the tyranny of their granduncle, even to the death. However, as Violet begins her escape they can communicate with her through her dreams and sometimes even appear as ghosts in the real world to aid her. They see Violet as a last resort to finally defeat their wicked granduncle and take him down before doing even more harm to other people.

Petal is a person who is fascinated by the wonders of nature and all it has to offer. For most people this fascination fades out with age but considering the small amount of time Petal gets to spend outside there's rarely nothing new to discover each time. She likes writing short books in the form of tales or fables, especially about her imaginary character Lady Tranquility and her magic garden that instead of requiring light to grow needs darkness. Though Petal died at the age of 30 she never quite grew up.

Daisy is a very protective person and truly cares about all her sisters, and especially Violet nowadays since she's the only one still alive. When Violet doubts her strength Daisy's the one who most of the time can be of help. Daisy is a nice person, at least to those who treats her the same way. She isn't afraid to question people with higher authority than herself, which has cost her a lot over the years.

Clover doesn't talk much, much like her sister Violet, but she can be of much help. She can help Violet find her way through a blizzard (oops, spoiler ;)) and a lot of other small but very helpful things.

• Chapter-based linear story with 4-5 chapters planned and perhaps some kind of epilogue in the end. Each chapter will be at least one hour long.
• Many puzzles and mini-games to make the experience as interesting as possible at all times.
• Uses Mr. Anonymous' fantastic RGSS2+ system (which means 640x480 resolution, different menu-system and more).


Full credits will be in the game. Thanks for your attention! :)

Latest Blog

Fairyale - Now updated to version 1.01.


A updated version of Chapter One is now available. These are the changes for this version:

- New save point after getting both orbs in the temple
- A few bug fixes and minor tweaks

Keep it cool, guys. :)
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Pages: 1
there's some very nice mapping in this. I'll keep my eye on it.
Oooh... This looks cool. I'll be sure to follow this.
This is looking pretty sweet :D
I really like the look of this. It sounds like it may be a twisted fairytale story-wise. I'll be keeping an eye on it.
Sounds very interesting and like a type of game I would love to play. *subscribes*
This looks alright I will subscribe as well. Keep working on it.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Sounds interesting. The mapping looks great and I would love to see how your concept plays out.

I should suggest that you vary the appearance of your characters a little more. Based on what you have shown, all of the sisters look exactly the same, despite different color of clothing and hair. That is only tolerable if you are making some humorous NPCs in a typical RPG, but these are major characters. You need to give the audience some sense that these are individual characters so that they can better connect with your story.
Thanks guys, glad you like what you've seen thus far.

@Ratty524: Yeah, you're absolutely right. My excuse for now is that I'm absolutely worthless at spriting so this is the best possible for me now. I'll either try to learn some spriting myself or recruit someone to make some good sprites for the game, but in any way that's something I'll definitely want to fix in the future. Thanks for your comment! :)
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Since your sprites aren't that complex (look more like franken-sprites/recolors), why not just use famitsu's generator?


You may need to translate the page, but using this should be easy, and it has a lot of resources for you to make your own VX-styled character.
Hmm...seems like quite a nice generator. I'll experiment with a few designs and see how they turn out. Thanks, Ratty. :)
I stumbled upon this game a while ago, and tried to find it again, but forgot its name. Now, what do you know, I found it. Great maps, especially with the RTP, good use of it.
Thanks, but it's actually not the RTP (well, at least not all of it). I use mostly Mack-tiles, but with a small bit of RTP and then some stuff I've edited and a small amount of XP-tiles that I edited to look good with the rest of the VX-graphics. But thanks, glad you enjoy my maps. :)
It looks really nice, I can't wait to give it a try.
This game been pretty amazing so far and I'm really starting to get into world. I have to admit some of the ripped music took me out of it a bit, but not very much. This also reminds me of a game I was working on a long time ago (although this your game has much better presentation). I can't wait to get back to playing it and giving you my full thoughts!
@StormriderAngel: Thanks for playing, and for your feedback. There's only two ripped songs as far as I know (the one in the temple and out in the forest by the tent), if I ever find or make something more fitting I'm absolutely adding that instead. My goal is to have no ripped music, but I'll have to have something that works better. It's definitely something that will be changed later on! :)
i have a little problem with the game in the first tower i don't know what i must do!
a voice say follow the light and the path shall show its identity but when i make the right light i see blue light and nothing happens and when i turn the flet light i see red light and nothing happen
Adventure puzzle game. Good visuals, nice presentation, overall it started out pretty good. Now read the comment above me. Thats the problem right there, you get stuck running an invisible maze with 5 lives, and if you walk on the wrong spot too many times you will game over and have to go back to a slow cutscene. No manual saving. Since this is a demo anyway, I'm not too eager to try and complete this unfair maze again.

EDIT: Got past the invisible maze somehow, but there is an extremely difficult sound puzzle right after it that I couldnt get even after listening to the correct sequence multiple times. Oh well.
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