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Autumn Season Trailer

  • Sagitar
  • 04/20/2015 07:36 AM

The launch trailer for the autumn season of World's Dawn, releasing in April 2015. Let me know what you think!


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Oh, I am super excited! I didn't quite finish whats currently out but with all this new content I may fire it all back up and finish it out. Do you have an exact date or is it still up in the air.
Unless some crazy bugs pop up, I'm planning to release the autumn season next Monday, April 27. I hope you'll give it a shot! And if you do, feedback is always welcome.
Thanks for the response though I do have one quick question. Will save files be convertible from the first two season? I plan on restarting anyway but I want to know if I should wait till the actual release to do so. Thanks in advance for any answers I will be sure to help with feedback in any way I can.
Yes! You can just copy your save file from the old "Diary" folder into the new one, and it should be compatible with the new season. So other than a few minor bug-fixes that have been made to the earlier content, there's no need to wait until autumn comes out to play spring and summer.
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