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From a lover of Harvest Moon

  • Cimeni
  • 06/02/2014 11:59 PM
I stumbled across this gem of a game when tying in "Harvest Moon RPG Maker" on Google. Mostly I was curious to see what games were out there... and I've got to say, this one does not disappoint me in the least bit.

You start off with some few personal choices - I prefer playing as a female and having the option to romance both genders (what can I say, gotta woo 'em all!) - and then you are thrown in a very nice opening sequence that sets the tone for the game.

A beloved villager, Noah, and his wife, Emma, recently passed away, and you are brought in to take over Noah's old farm. You are given a few days to get settled, figure out what you want to do with yourself, and meet people. On the fifth day, the story really begins, and you discover that not everything is as bright and cheery in this village. Are you going to do something or are you going to sit back and let it continue to fall apart?

Farming is a great way to earn money. You have twenty spaces for crops in your beautiful hilltop garden, but the watering can only initially holds eight squares of water. Until you ship thirty crops, you will be making three trips to your watering source a day. While this isn't hard, it can be a bit tedious to go back and forth between the screens. That works in the game's favor because it encourages you to upgrade your watering can. After upgrading it twice, you'll have enough water to do all your watering in one go!

Mining can make you some quick money if you work on doing it regularly. It takes four hits of your tool, two at the max upgrade, and can give you a variety of pretty gemstones that will build up your funds in no time.

Do you like fishing? The mini-game is easy and only takes a piece of bait, which can be found by digging just about anywhere in the game. Collect those worms and catch those fish! (Here's a hint; some furry friends that purr are fond of this food source.)

Foraging will earn you a fair profit, but honestly, what you find in nature makes better gifts for villages. Don't be a greed fiend, go out there and share with your neighbors!

Having animals is a big thing here. Try to purchase at least one cow and one chicken as soon as you can. They are expensive, but worth it. It takes them a bit of time to warm up to you. Just keep feeding them and taking care of them, and soon enough you'll be rolling in milk and eggs.

Every villager has a custom art that looks great in the game. There are three women and three men to court, all with different personalities, and many villagers to get to know. What I like the most is that many of the villagers are in relationships with each other. Friendships and romances are easy to see.

You will find yourself caring for these characters. Really, you will. Favorites will develop and you will go out of your way to track them, map a schedule, and see what they are up to. As much as it pains me, my darling Senah and my dearest Demetri are unable to be wooed by my charming ways. My heart will have to settle on one of the other sweeties in town.

There are small events between villagers that I've stumbled across that give little insights to their lives. It makes the game richer, fuller, and I love them.

Occasionally you will encounter a strange blob while digging with your spade. These things are the best things ever and I wish that I could keep one as a pet.

There are a few mini-games that are easy to master with enough practice. The dancing one is especially fun!

On your first playthrough of the game, you will notice a lot of things that might not make sense until later on, and then when you replay it (because you will want to), a lot more will make sense. Take your first play in stride, form a plan of action for the second run, and give it your all. You'll probably be playing this for a third and fourth run too while waiting for Summer to come out!

An amazingly fun game - what more can you want? As long as the team behind it keeps up the great work, none of the fans will be disappointed. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook too; I know I am!


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For me personally it's hard to rate it til I find out the entire storyline myself.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Kurenox you could always submit an non-rated review and then amend it when the full game is out. Given the whole game could be upward of 40 hours once done having some notes if you intend to review is not a bad idea.

Cimeni, nicely written, clear and concise.
Thank you so much for writing this review! It's amazing that you thought so highly of the spring season and it was really interesting reading through all your points. I'll definitely be looking forward to your thoughts on summer.
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