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A First Look

World's Dawn is a great game that I personally loved playing and I wanted to go through one of the things that matters the most when attempting to get new players to play through the game and that is the first few hours of a person's play through. Many good games do not get the attention they deserve because of a bad start and many bad games get people to start playing because the intro is worthwhile. So here are some of the Pros and Cons I noticed over the first few hours of my play through.
The village is full of very interesting people and that in and of itself is a pro but that is something for the long term and the main focus of this review is the first few hours so what I want to focus is the first quest that the mayor gives you. In most games I find quests of this sort to be annoying and tedious but in World's Dawn it is super helpful and there were several different things done to help cut away the tediousness of it while keeping all of its usefulness intact. The main such thing was the checklist the mayor provided for you to know exactly who you had yet to speak to. Without this I would have come across a problem that I see in a lot of games where you are missing just one or two people yet there is no way of knowing exactly what you are missing. I also want to mention the fact that even though it takes much longer than an initial play session for relationships to develop the people were engaging even with the minimal interaction that I had with them while trying to set up my farm. This all being said there are a lot of other pros that I could have mentioned but I felt that the ease at which you can imbed yourself into the village was a huge factor in keeping me playing beyond the first play session.
Despite how much I enjoyed the game there it is not without its struggles in the first few hours of play and one of the main ones for me was the difficulty of navigating the map. I personally am fairly directionally challenged and at first I often got lost even in the small area that is the village. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in the village that can be difficult to find especially at first. Countless times I had to start a day at partial energy because I got lost looking for my house and could not get to bed on time but maybe that is just me. For me I do not think that a minimap is the way to go to fix this issue as at a certain point it is not really needed and would just detract from simple and clean interface but I would be a fan of the addition of a Map key item much like the village primer that could be used if needed and would be given to the player at the start of the game. The cons for this game is small but they offer some difficulty for the player through the first few hours of play and for some people they could keep them from playing the game out and enjoying the rest of the story.
For someone who had never really gotten into a life sim before I truly enjoyed World's Dawn and continued to play it well past the first hour or two so that I could continue to explore the world that had been created. In this game the Pros out weighed the Cons and it was very enjoyable it to play it through to the end.


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Thanks so much for the review! I was very interested reading your thoughts on navigating the village, and will definitely consider adding a map item for players that need it. I'm glad you enjoyed the first few hours of the game and hope you continue playing.
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