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Sacred Reviews: Too Many Kittens


"Too Many Kittens" is a short point and click adventure game made by catmitts with Adventure Game Studio. This little game like many other projects by this developer takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Though oddly enough I think assigning an overall score to this project is going to be a bit of a pain in my backside since this game really isn't meant to be taken seriously. After all, it's a joke game created for the purpose of the developer being able to leave a comment about "2 many 2 kittens: the saga continues...?".

How to Download this Game

I suppose this is a bit of an odd section to add, but the current download link for this game is out of date. I might send a message to the site staff about it later, but if I forget to do that I figured I'd least include a link to the game's new home in my review. So if you ever wanted to play this game it can currently be found here.


You play as Theodore Gorilla, a gorilla, that seems to hate just about everyone living inside his overcrowded apartment. So much so that he feels the need to rant and rave about everyone for various reasons. At any rate it appears Theodore's Benjamin Britten concertos have arrived. And thankfully there is a crowbar next to the package to pry it open. Though it appears instead of getting his beloved Benjamin Britten concertos that Theodore has received a crate packed to the brim with kittens. And now that they are free they have invaded the apartment and to get them back Theodore will have to solve the problems of various residents from finding a replacement mop head to a small animal that can generate power by running on a treadmill.

I guess power generation in this universe operates on the same principle as the 2x4 technology used by the "Kids Next Door". At any rate after you've solved everyone's problems it appears that Theodore has come to a sudden realization. You can never have too many kittens!


You use the left mouse click to move Theodore Gorilla throughout the apartment while you use the right mouse click to pick up items and interact with objects/characters. You can also access your inventory by right clicking on Theodore. Though oddly enough you don't have to be anywhere in the vicinity of an object to interact with it. So you can actually solve a lot of people's problems by merely standing on the second floor and interacting with those both above and below you. As for the puzzles themselves there rather easy in my opinion since most of the objects you need to utilize do tend to stand out a bit or only appear after you've opened the crate containing the kittens. So if you were paying attention to the background a bit before you do that the various items you need to use will standout like a sore thumb to a certain extent.


On the plus side the graphics are all custom. On the downside the graphical assets in this game are amazingly ugly.

So much so that playing this game actually made me think of the "Butt-Ugly Martians". A cartoon series that most have probably forgotten about.

Though I suppose the Martians in that series do live up to their name.


Sound wise the game plays the same song on an endless loop. Thankfully this game is rather short so the song doesn't overstay it's welcome.


At the end of the day "Too Many Kittens" is a short comedy game that isn't meant to be taken seriously. So if your looking for a quick game to kill a little time while on break or before you head into work in the morning this might be worth a play. Though there are more fulfilling short games out there like "Punch Bears" by MakioKuta in my opinion.