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Version 1.1 is available. I played it through and there were no bugs so if you say there are, you are a liar. Enjoy!

In a time before time itself, a time before man inherited the world around him, the Holy Knights of Eden protected the Sacred lands from a mysterious force, known only as "Evil". Those inflicted with this disease must be cleansed, for the sake of the holy lands.

Follow the adventures of a young boy as he travels the world of Pangea in his quest to rid the lands of the rising Serpent Army. Though he seeks to avenge the former inhabitants of his homeland, everything soon changes when he befriends the legendary Knights of Eden. While the plot progresses in the vein of older NES RPGs, there are plenty of controversial twists to satisfy even the most skeptical fans of the genre.

-The game's graphics are entirely in black and white.
- As Jogan levels up, he slowly matures from a young boy to a man. The more levels you gain, the older he begins to look, and the stronger he becomes.
- With each level up, Jogan learns new attack combos that are completely customizable! This makes gameplay much more strategic in nature.
- The world of Pangea has been designed from the actual thing! Yes! This means it is HUGE! Countless places to explore, and endless sidequests to complete along the way. The world also includes the lost city of Atlantis and the Continent of Eden!
- I promise the greatest soundtrack you've ever heard in an oldschool RPG. That is a PROMISE!

Battle System
As stated above, players choose attack combos with each level up. Heavier attacks will wear out your energy meter, so sometimes choosing weaker combos is the wisest choice (especially against large parties of weaker enemies). For this reason, the player must make sure to have a good number of strong and weak combos to preserve energy.

Praise for Eden Legacy:
"It's practically a menu that tries to kill you." -Corfaisus
"Link's Awakening with the guy from pokemon!" -McBick
"This blog title wins due to me reading it like it was Engrish" -thedjt
"The game is simple, and prides itself on being simple. I died a few times, but I kept playing" - narcodis
"something that's quite rare these days on the RPG Maker scene." -ZPE
"wildly out of line with the standards of the rest of the RM community" -Max/Legion/Iron Gaia dude

Latest Blog

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough Completed!

Yes, I finally finished it!


It's also available on the main page.

In other news, I found one last bug having to do with the level 40 upgrades. I guess no one has needed to get that far to beat it yet, but it is fixed and ready for the next release, whenever I decide to put it up. I may just do it when I finish the Deluxe Edition. Also, the game now has 2 reviews. One good, one not so good. I believe this is an accurate depiction of how this game will be received by RPG players, as it is catered to a specific audience.

Thanks to all who have given this game a chance, and thanks for all the great emails of feedback and praise. I incorporated amerikevicius' tips and bug finds in the walkthrough, so another big thanks goes out to him for letting me know!


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Why is Red the hero not blackandwhite?
Don't worry that was fixed a long time ago lol. These are old screens
Does it use DBS?
Looks promising.
It does use DBS, but its been tweaked.
There's no standard attack option, and Jogan regains his energy every other turn, often forcing players to either defend or use weaker attacks on tougher enemies. Battles are extremely deficient in the graphics department, but that was on purpose.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I tell ya, I'll be looking forward to a release of this game from you. There is something about it that makes me feel that it will be a unique experience.
I'll definitely do my best to deliver!
Looking at the Map Images if the scale is going to be filled with content you're gonna have a monster of a game. Looks good so far. I'll be keeping an eye on this.
Resident Terrapin
The world map is really the only thing I have a gripe with. That is a lot of empty space and not only looks dull but gives the player few visual cues about their location.

If it's going to be filled eventually that is fine, but I wouldn't go and showcase those images in that case.
It's going to be completely filled. It has paths now too, I just keep adding and adding to it so I decided it's best to show the "BEFORE" map images now and the "AFTER" ones when it's completely finished. From so far away you can't see the sand pits and paths anyway though, so i'll post a closer image in the next few days.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
wasn't there an old refmap rm2k game called knights of eden back in the day?
I really want to play this it looks unique and original
I just wouldn't make it black and white but that is rarely done which is another thing that makes this game unique so whether you make it blac and white or not it will still be enjoyable
The black and white thing is something I've wanted to do for a long time, it just suits this project much more than my other ones. I hope not too many people will be turned off by it. Of course, there will be sequels in colour ;)

i'm not turned off at all I was saying not many people would like the idea
Beta testing will be open to anyone so you're more than welcome. My goal is to have the beta version ready for the end of April latest.
how come the hero looks like the gameboy pokemon trainer sprite.
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