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Only days away!

  • sbester
  • 04/07/2010 01:55 AM
I just finished my second play through.

I made the odd change here and there, but nothing seemed too out of place. Everything works as far as I can tell, and it's about that time to finally release the full version. If there are any major bugs still in the game, I'll have to fix them for a version 1.01 release, but I'm really hoping I won't need to. As for any other discontent from players, I'll make sure to read all criticism on the main page and implement new ideas into the DELUXE EDITION. I consider this first version to be my stylistic, minimalist piece, made pretty much for me. The DELUXE EDITION will be more for the players, so I will definitely take your criticism seriously for that release.

So, I'm a week away from finishing my second school term and only a day or two away from my first major release. I've made more changes than I originally thought I would since the first beta, but they've made it quite the beefy project. I already have my sights set on the second game, and I'm doing my best to make it as different as possible from the first game, while trying to own a new stylistic type of gameplay.

So keep an eye out on the front page, I'll be there soon!