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Quick update

So I finished correcting all of the bugs Jimbo has found so far in his play through. Unfortunately, some of the things he's going through now are sorta for naught, as I've been forced to change a few of the layouts.

1. I lost the volcano. Time of death.... 9:30pm last night. I did everything I could to save it, it just wasn't strong enough. So I redid the entire thing and I'm a lot happier with it now. Not only does it look half decent, but there's a whole lot less twisting around in a maze like fashion. I may even expand it for more items later.

2. Atlantis is getting a major overhaul as well. It's proving to be the ultimate bitch of my life right now.

3. I may even rework the land of Eden a bit. It's small, but it's ugly, and empty.

Anyway, things are still moving along. The full release will be here before you know it. I'm still aiming for an end of April release.


2 versions of the game

Testing continues, as does the refining process.
I've made quite a few major changes to the gameplay this week, fixed a lot of major bugs, and Jimbo has been helping me to make the transitions flow better from place to place.

As some of you may have noticed, there is a second version of this game lingering on this site now. It's the DELUXE Edition, and it attends to many of the directional and graphical issues that are scaring people away from this one. It's basically a complete graphics switch to coloured tiles, but it will also fix any leftover bugs to be found in the full release of the original game, and will add a few extra areas and quests. Also, there will be monster graphics, as this is a huge issue for some people. Hopefully this way, I still get my game the way I like it, and they'll get theirs.

The Deluxe version will go into production as soon as I finish with this one, and shouldn't take more than a couple months before it is ready. The chipset switch alone takes like 10 seconds, so that cuts the time down considerably.

In the meantime, I'm doing my best to fix all of the original game's issues while making it prettier, and more interesting. I'm also going to extend the ending by a couple of quests... it just ends too suddenly, and I doubt anyone would argue with that if they played it through.

Anyways, don't think of the new version as a remake, just an alternative for those who would otherwise pass it by.


Testing phase 2

Beta testing is in full effect!

As I'm going through and refining/beautifying the game, jimbo has valiantly taken on the job of beta testing, and has done a great job so far in offering his thoughts, opinions, and bug finds.

Unfortunately, as I had feared, the music is still not working, even in the test play through the engine... I'm going to do whatever I can to fix this before the final release, I promise. Even if it means I'll have to reinstall the program and reinsert the music a million times over, it's going to get done.

Also, I sent the link to mrstinkyfeet, so hopefully he'll let me know how far off I am from his expectations soon.

In terms of the beautification process, Atlantis and the Volcano are proving to be gigantic bitches. I'll probably spend the better half of this week on those two dungeons alone, as they are the biggest area in the game to get through and they need to be much more interesting than they are at present.


Refinement Process

Well, serves me right for opening the beta version to everybody. I'll never do that again.
What we have, or I have, in the beta is kinda bare bones, but functionality was the reason I wanted user feedback. It is not a refined game by any means, that process begins now. This will include:

-Extensive population of towns and other maps
-A couple small sidequests that I never got around to finishing.
-Beautifying the maps (I began with the overworld today, as you can see in the images section)
-Tweaking a few small stats
-Allowing entrance to the rest of the town houses

Anyone who actually wants to be a beta tester can message me for a link to the beta, but PLEASE, serious requests only. I don't want to have to defend the sorry looking pokemon charasets ever again... 'cause I can't. I know they suck, and I'll get to it. And to those that were turned off by the beta, please try and understand that as frequently as I've been updating the game in the last month since coming here, it was practically a new project at the time. Now it is quite long, so it isn't like I've been doing nothing all this time. The skill system took a VERY long time, and I was surprised it worked as well as it did during my run through.


Download temporarily down

As I was afraid of, the music apparently isn't working. That's part of the game's appeal, so I took the download down until I can somehow fix it.

I would appreciate if anybody else who downloaded it would tell me if they are also having this problem. And if so, did you put the project in the actual RPGMaker 2000 program and open it from there? Because I know the music doesn't work if you just click on the exe file in the folder... I suppose I should have put that right at the top of the game description, but if someone could test it I'd be forever in their debt!


Beta Release!

Well, I completely ignored my essay responsibilities to complete my playthrough. The Beta version is complete and is now pending! I think I clocked a good 15-16 hours, so depending on if you do the sidequests or not it could take anywhere from 10-20 hours to get through.

I made the gamedisk and the mp3s weren't working so I just zipped the project, sorry. At least you should be getting the full effect this way... if not, let me know and I'll... well, start crying first of all. Then idk what, settle for a really crappy soundtrack instead? We'll see. I'm still hoping it works.

Beta is open to everyone! I will add a couple things on top of bug fixes for the final release. I may even expand the ending a bit if enough people feel it ended too quickly. Suggestions are much appreciated.

On a final note, the strategy guide is included. The walkthrough is complete, but the list of skills is not. Just remember for an easier time, always choose the top skill instead of the bottom one when levelling up. If you like a challenge, however, and love powerful moves, the bottom sets are good too. I like to alternate and have some of both as I go along.


Final days, calling all Beta Testers!

Yes, it is true. I have only a few things left before my playthrough. I have to populate the dungeons with items and goodies, complete the skill combos, and finish a couple little side quests.

The game has a slightly altered ending, but as a result it is quite a bit more satisfying. It will lead directly into a sequel, although they will take place many centuries apart. (SPOILER ALERT: it will mostly take place in Valhalla).

I will probably start my playthrough before I finish, adding in little bug cheats instead of worrying about items and such, and I’ll let the beta testers worry about the sidequests.

I’ve also started on the official strategy guide. I hope to include it in the final version of the game.

The beta release will have special goodies for testers, goodies that’ll probably snatch a couple of extra positive reviews. No applications are necessary. I’ll just post the beta version when it’s ready and whoever wants to can tell me about bugs and whatever needs improvement. Balance is key, and I don’t even want to release the beta version until I’m satisfied with that aspect of the game in my initial play through.


These are a few of my most hated things

Treasure chest switches and small in-game glitches,
Teleport places and wide open spaces,
Sidequests and mazes and fights without reason,
These are a few of my most hated things.

Long wild goose chases to enemy bases,
Really quick losses to way too hard bosses,
Skill sets, statistics, and level up risk its,
These are a few of my most hated things.

I also hate “The Sound of Music”. So I hope you’re just as annoyed at this song as I am.

Things have been slow. I’ve mostly been placing treasure chests in dungeons, which is the worst of the worst parts in rpg making. Yet, it is getting done. Between school work, replays of old megaman games, and sleep, I’ve managed to keep editing. Of course, my special little “choose your own fight pattern” battle system has been taking its toll as well. Not only have I run out of names for these skills, but the test run is gonna be one hell of a bitch to play.

Basically, I refuse to release this game and deem it “complete” until it is as well balanced as possible. That’d be just great if my save files would stop getting erased. Oh well. The good news is that when this blog started I was a third done the game, now I’m about 50% done. So quite a bit has happened these past couple weeks, and no, it isn’t because of a half-assed job. I’m full-assed into it, I assure you.


Name Change

As tardis kindly pointed out, there was indeed an RM2K game called “Knights of Eden” before mine. Thusly, I have slightly changed mine to “A Knight of Eden”. I didn’t find much on the old game, but a few forum posts mentioned it was quite good. I didn’t want to overstep my bounds by claiming the title for myself, but I also didn’t want to take the focus away from the theme. So now you can see both the title page and posters have been changed with the new name. I’m sure people will criticize how little I tweaked it, but I’m firm in the decision.

I posted updates of Pangea. You still can’t see a lot of the sandy areas from this far away but you can see how it has evolved since the old pics of it. Mountains are now darker to more easily differentiate between them and the trees (a constant problem I’ve been running into with this black and white only chipset theme). Also, there are deeper portions of water where you can’t sail through. I think this just makes the maps look more appealing, but it should also help for navigational purposes.

If anyone knows anything about the RM2K Online patch let me know about it. It could definitely work well for this game if it actually exists! The world map will be covered with random sprites giving hints and tips anyway, the more interactive the better.

I have 4 more areas to cover, then I can finally start working on Atlantis and Eden. As of 3 seconds ago I changed the shape of Atlantis to look better, and there are now 27 enemy camps instead of 26.


New Features

The last few days have meant many changes for the game.

The first one being that you can now name Jogan as you please. This change happened as I reflected how important name choosing was to me when playing the oldschool NES titles. Since you’re telling your own tale by the choices you make in this game anyway, this little addition fits in very nicely.

I’ve placed enemy camps all over Pangea. The hero can either dispose of them and take the loot, or ignore them. However, raiding all 26 successfully will grant a special surprise.

The world of Pangea will be constantly changing throughout the game. I know this decision goes against the whole “oldschool” approach, but the game is somewhat lacking in the ways of character development so I wanted to right that wrong. Thus, characters will make appearances all throughout the lands, depending on the amount of sidequests you do, and the order of events you’ve chosen. Don’t worry, this hasn’t set me back any. It’s extremely simple and quick. I just started with the Knights, and will soon begin on the hero’s “love interest”. She’s not playable, but she offers some pretty cool stuff (not the stuff you’re thinking). I’m toying with the idea of breaking up the continents too, but most likely not. I already have to sink an entire continent already (Atlantis).

I’ve also been sprucing up the graphics a bit. It’s not a graphical masterpiece, but I was it to at least look its best given its limitations.
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