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  • amerk
  • 05/02/2010 02:18 AM
I've decided to register here and make a copy of my review here for everybody to see.

Before I start, a tip: If you get the Teleporter, this makes traveling to previous towns much easier, however, be warned that there is a bug. Your boat doesn't teleport with you. If you are in your boat when you teleport, then the boat will teleport with you, but end up on dry land. To fix this, you will need to teleport back to Sanctuary and revisit the dock. The boat will reappear back on the dock and can be used once again.

As stated previously in another review. the pros most definitely outweight the cons, but there were a few things that stood out for me that detracted from the overall experience.

1. The music is a large "hit and miss" for me. I really enjoy the overworld theme and I also enjoy the battle music, but the dungeons are a bit aggravating. I know you were going for a more nostalgic feel, but I think you can add a better choice for the dungeons. Did you create your own music for this? If so, I do want to applaud you on the efforts, and as I said it's just the dungeon piece that seems a bit annoying (okay, for me it's like nails on a chalkboard), but the rest is decent. Or if the music is ripped from other games, have you considered using music from vgmusic.com. This site has music from a variety of consoles, and I think there are a lot of great pieces you can use from both NES and Gameboy.

2. A personal choice, but I didn't like that you couldn't see the enemy. Of course, since there are only a handful of different types, I guess I can understand. Seeing the same enemy over and over again would get old. From the screenshots I saw from your next colored edition, looks as if enemies are being made visible?

3. And last (again, just a personal opinion), it seemed that there was quite a large gap in seeing your character grow. I was thinking making it a bit more progressive like have your character grow at level 5 (as you do now), and then make the next one at level 15, then level 30, and maybe again at level 50, and so forth.

That's really all the negatives I have so far. Aside from some passability issues (being able to walk through some walls, or in some case when you are walking behind a wall you appear over the wall) I haven't encountered any bugs or anything that prevented me from being able to play.

Now for the positives:

1. Your story is very simple, but still manages to convey an enjoyable tale. In other words, it's epic without being bogged down in complexities.
2. I feel as if I have some control over my character's growth (watching him mature at certain levels, choosing my skills at each level up) without the complex design of today's game.
3. It's challenging without being overly difficult.
4. I like that you took the battles out of the overworld and left them in dungeons. And to a previous post about your concern over people not leveling up properly as a result, you can visit dungeons over and over again to continue leveling up, so this really doesn't have any impact. The only thing I would change is make it so the character can leave the first dungeon to go back to town as much as they want to heal. Otherwise, the first town's house where you heal is useless, because you are fully healed when you start the game, and by the time you fight enemies in a dungeon you cannot go back to heal, and when you are done with the dungeon the town is destroyed and you can no longer heal in it.
5. There is a sense of accomplishment when you uncover new areas and events.
6. The game is fun to play.

Well, I think that covers it. What I like the most about what you're doing is that each edition seems to bring back memories of older consoles: the first has the feel of an old black and white Gameboy title (aka Final Fantasy Legend), the colored edition reminds me of NES and Gameboy Color (based on what I've seen), and I'm not sure what you have for the sequel, but it would be cool to aim it in the direction of Gameboy Advance/SNES effect. Maybe in the sequel you could have a more complex story and allow the main character to interact and talk.


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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
That's funny, because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't force myself to finish playing this. The world map is too huge and empty to really give any sort of feeling of exploration, or even knowledge of where to go. Was there even music to the overworld? I can't remember. Some places have events that seem to appear earlier than the storyline would have you run across them. If the boat was fixed at the dock of the second (third?) town, I wouldn't know, considering the maker of this game thought it would be neat to get your boat stuck inland at the dock, allowing you to go nowhere, thereby breaking the game. The dungeons, much like the worldmap, were large, most empty, and consisted of no more than straight-ways. I was told to go to the west to come across the next place for me to go to in an earlier version, but I went west all the way to the coast, and didn't come across it.

Overall, I feel a four and-a-half star is a bit much for this game.
I admit it's not great in terms of graphics and plot in comparison to other games. The rating I gave was based more on my own personal memories of older titles (having played consoles dating back to Atari and even the old color computers). I personally enjoyed the simplicity of it and the gameplay was indeed fun, but again that's my own personal opinion. I'm sure others will probably not agree.
Thank you very much for posing this here Amerikevicius! I'm glad you're pleased with the game! And thank you for that teleportation flaw at the beginning of your review, it is best for people to be aware of these problems before diving in. I hope to address your concerns for the Deluxe Edition, which should be ready within the month!

Sorry you didn't have fun Corfaisus. By your description, you have the broken version (where the boat gets stuck). I had a terrible first couple of days when I first released the game (I've never released a full game b4) and unfortunately early downloaders like yourself were met with these awful glitches. Amerikavicius seems to have the fixed version, and so far I have not received any notifications of any game breaking bugs. I do sincerely apologize for the bugged versions that came out a day before the fixed one, and hopefully I'll be better prepared next time I release something.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
In this case, it just seems like amerkevicius' standards are wildly out of line with the standards of the rest of the RM community. He is far too easily pleased, and hence both of his reviews are rather glaring anomalies.
Idk... I pretty much agreed with his Generica one. I gave it a four, but it's an extremely impresive piece of work for something that was made in less than a month.
In this case, it just seems like amerkevicius' standards are wildly out of line with the standards of the rest of the RM community. He is far too easily pleased, and hence both of his reviews are rather glaring anomalies.
In this case, it just seems like amerkevicius' standards are wildly out of line with the standards of the rest of the RM community. He is far too easily pleased, and hence both of his reviews are rather glaring anomalies.

Pretty condescending. Maybe we're not all welcome in this community. Sorry my standards don't match up to yours, I suppose I'm a lesser human being.
Sbester, I apologize for posting this here, but it's appropriate given the above discussion and I see the problem just about everywhere in this community...

In general, for those who care about this little niche, I would like to suggest that a more conscientious way of dealing with one another would be appropriate for a community that aims to support the process of game building - a hobby that is often tedious and grueling. Unnecessary grief given either to the creators of these games or the participants in the discussion thereof does no good for anyone in the long run. While I wouldn't go so far as to ask anyone to censor their viewpoints, a basic combination of common courtesy and constructive criticism would do wonders. Why not ask yourself whether you're doing net good or ill before posting?

At the risk of sounding patronizing, I'd just note that since the greatest fruits are generally borne out of the most fertile soil, we are the ones who will reap all the benefits of this support in the end.
S'okay, jimbo!
Good to see you're still visiting on occasion!
lol dude I thought u died! Where u been?
Ah, yes. I'm no stranger to them either.

Luckily Eden Legacy was able to survive two of them :P
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