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A Knight of Eden

(Official) Strategy Guide
Beta Version

1) Introduction
2) Gameplay
3) Skill Sets (Combos)
4) Walkthrough
5) Side Quests
6) Tips and Tricks

1. Introduction

In a time before time itself, a time before man inherited the world around him, the Holy Knights of Eden protected the Sacred lands from a mysterious force, known only as “Evil”. Those inflicted with this disease must be cleansed, for the sake of the holy lands.

2. Gameplay

Use the directional keys to move around.
Use ‘Z’ for actions on the map such as talking, opening chests, etc.
Use ‘X’ to open the game menu.


Battles occur randomly at certain areas. The actions that can be performed in battle are as follows:

a) Do Nothing- This means your character will sit and wait while the enemy attacks. This is not a recommended action, as ‘DEFEND’ will also rejuvenate your character’s depleted energy.
b) Attacks- Here you will choose from a list of attacks that you have chosen for your character with each new level. A list of these skills and their attributes can be found in this guide below.
c) Defend- This allows your character to regenerate energy points, which are needed for different attack combos. At the beginning of the game especially, it will be necessary to do this quite often.
d) Item- Use items to help you in battle. These will restore health points and cure ailments.

3. SKILL SETS (Combos)
(When presented with 2 skills to choose from when you level up, the top option is always less powerful, but it costs less energy to perform and has a better chance of hitting the target.)

Level 1 1st # = effect 2nd # = % of success rate
1) Punch 17 100

Level 2
2) Punch+Punch 23 90
3) Punch+Kick 26 80

Level 3 and 4
4) Punch+Punch+Punch 28 90
5) Kick+Kick 32 80

Level 5
6) Slash 25 100

Level 6
7) Antidote 0 100
8) Heal 1 30 100

Level 7
9) High+Low Slash 30 92
10) Stab 35 80

Level 8
11) Slash+Stab 32 70
12) Rush Whirl 22 90

Level 9
13) Heavy Swing 38 80
14) Really Heavy Swing 45 60

Level 10
15) Paralyze 0 100
16) Knockout 0 100

Level 11
17) Triple Slash 44 90
18) Tricky Slash 48 100\

Level 12
19) Heal2 120 100
20) Charging Strike 55 100

Level 13
21) Att Up 30 100
22) Att Down 30 100

Level 14
23) Def Up 20 100
24) Def Down 20 100

Level 15
25) Accurate Strike 52 100
26) Highlo Highlo 56 90

Level 16
27) Blinding Strike 58 100
28) Poison Tip 62 85

Level 17
29) Silencer 60 100
30) Sleeper 66 75

Level 18
31) Dash Strike 65 90
32) Rage Strike 72 83

Level 20
33) Warrior Strike 75 100

Level 21
34) Flaming Strike 80 100
35) Freezing Strike 80 100
36) Earthen Strike 80 100
37) Windy Strike 80 100

Level 22
38) Heal2 (again)
39) HP Absorb 40 100

Level 23 and 24
40) Hard Swing 100 90
41) Extra Hard Swing 120 60

Level 25
42) Attack All 75 100
43) Attack All + 100 70

Level 26
44) Heal 3 240 100
45) Heal 4 480 65

Level 27
46) Mind Assault 110 90
47) Energy Assault 110 90

Level 28
48) Str Assault 125 90
49) Def Assault 125 90

Level 30
50) Second Strike 150 100
51) Everlasting Wound 200 75

Level 32
52) Rush Whirl 2 125 100
53) Heavy Swing 2 225 90

Level 34
54) Four Strike 180 90
55) Five Slash 275 80

Level 36
56) Six Gashes 325 70

Level 38
57) Eden Fire All 250 85
58) Eden Target 275 100

Level 40
59) Drainer 325 100
60) Penetrator 400 80

Level 45
61) The 500 500 100
62) The 600 600 75

Level 50
63) Supreme Knight 999 90
64) Undefeated All 999 70

4. Walkthrough

Area 1 Terr
- Okay, you start out inside your home. The first thing you’ll want to do is grab the stuff from the chest.
- Once you have the cash, go to the shop and buy a couple of potions. Ignore the armor, you won’t be returning here anyway.

Area 2 Cave
- When you exit the town, the cave is on your right.
-You’ll need to level up to at least level 4 in this cave, preferably 5 because then you will become significantly stronger and your avatar will look older. Since you have time to grind, you’ll want to find the treasures with potions in them.
- Talk to the old man for a battle tutorial. Take the right path and descend the stairs. The bottom left switch is the one that activates the stone mechanisms. Ascend the stairs and take the East path to get a chest. Go back and head down the stairs again. Keep following the descended path all the way to the end and step on the final two switches. When you are finished, head back to the beginning of the cave.
- This time time the left path and descend the second set of stairs. The switch activates the stones and now your path is free. Follow the newly opened path and take the right turn. It will take you up, and far to the left. The first turn South leads to a potion. Once you have it, head back up.
- Continue South and then go right. There are some stairs leading up here, so first you should follow it North for the first chest. When you’re done, head back to the statue and it will give you a hint (that you can jump across small spaces). Go downwards and to the right and press ‘X’ to jump the small gap and get the second chest. Head back and descend the stairs again.
- Head West, and the path takes you far to the North. There is a save point here, and you will be healed completely. Ignore the stairs heading North. Instead go East.
- Take the first stairs going up and activate the switch, then get the chest. It’s time to fight the main enemy of the dungeon.
- The mysterious foe is a pretty straight forward battle, just keep using your favorite attacks and watch your HP. Grab the crystal ball after the battle is ended.

Area 3 Meso
- After watching the tragedy of your massacred town, head back out to the world map. Go to the dock to the west to get your boat. You can go wherever you want now, but it is recommended that you cross the VERY short distance between these small islands and head into town so you can properly level up.
- There is a doctor at the entrance here who will heal your wounds. You cannot enter any of the houses, so work your way up North and make sure to save at the fly.
- Enter the castle and take the left stairway at the end of the hall. There’s another chest here with a potion.
- Go back and take the right stairway. It’s pretty straight forward from here, just be sure you are level 6 when you fight the boss, you’ll need your HEAL1 skill against him (I hope you chose that one when leveling up).
- When you are done, retrace your steps to leave the town. I recommend not leaving this area until you are level 7.

Area 4 Mountains 1
- Follow the path all the way to the west to get to the treasure chest. Retrace your steps and take the other path.
- When at the fork, take a right and follow it all the way east, then all the way south. At the end of the path is another chest.
- Retrace back to the initial fork. Now faced with 3 paths, take the south one to get the last chest.
- Retrace again, now follow the middle path and it will eventually lead you back to the world map. It is recommended that you be at level 9 by this point.

Area 5 Aisrep and Sapra
- Aisrep doesn’t have much to do in. Upgrade a couple pieces of armor, it may be worth it for the upcoming battles.
- You’ll want to introduce yourself to PIC, an important character of the game. He lives in the large house to the NorthEast.
- After talking to Pic, head to the house at the Northwest end of town (it says raft on it) and attempt to enter. Go to the small dock right above and the raft will appear. It will lead you to another map to the East. Touch what looks like a crystal ball to be transported across the island to the continent to the North. The village you are in now is called Sapra. Buy whatever supplies you may need and then talk to Pic. When you are ready, forge ahead to the frontlines of the battle.
- You will fight 3 battles with groups of 2 Northern Soldiers, they are more powerful than you are used to, so you may want to try your luck with heavier attacks. Be warned, however, these often miss.
- Once you’ve seen the small cutscene, you’re back on the world map. Talk to Pic again and he’ll tell you that his daughter was taken away during the battle. Before you go after her, however, you will want to visit the town of Lanfros.
- Follow the disjointed path to the West, and when it breaks away to the NorthWest, follow it. This will take you to another mountain area.

Area 5 Mountains 2
- Follow the path South and take the stairs up. When you get to the ledge, make sure you are lined carefully across from the other one, and press ‘X’. If you didn’t jump, you aren’t properly aligned.
- Head South to another ledge and jump it, then descend the stairs.
- If you want a potion, head West and ascend the stairs. Make the jump, descend, and follow the path (ignoring the lower case stairs) to the chest. Now retrace back to the room where most paths are blocked.
- Save. Go back to the East stair upwards, and align yourself with the ledge Southwards. (That part is a bit tricky to figure out).
- Follow the ledge South. For a Defense Up item, go East and make the few jumps. You’ll find the chest in the Southeast corner. Retrace back to the initial ledge and continue making jumps Westwards.
- At the final ledge, follow it South (you saw the chest there, right? Get that). Continue East, and then you’ll see the exit.
- In the town of Lanfros, just do what you need to do. Make sure to talk to Helen at the top of the map before leaving, as it sets a sidequest in motion.

Area 6 (Sidequest) Enemy camps 1-3
- Enemy camps usually hold 3 battles of 4 Northern Soldiers, so you may want to be a higher level before trying one. The first one is just NorthWest of the mountain 2 entrance, the place you just left.
- By destroying all enemy encampments, you will eventually have access to a large amount of goodies. There are 27 encampments on the world map.
- The second camp is found by folloing the disjointed path from the first.
- The third camp is behind the mountains just to the West of you.
- When you’ve done your duty, head south to the Volcano where Pic’s daughter is being held.

Area 7 Volcano
- It may not look like it, but this area is centered around a big boiling pit of lava. There’s quite a bit to be found in this area, and the enemies are a lot more difficult than you’ve been used to. If you aren’t level 12 you’re a bit below where you wanna be.
- If you’ve been heavily reliant on Rush Whirl up til now, you may want to give it a rest. The best method, both against a Skeleton Warrior and Fire Lizards, is to alternate each turn between two accurate moves. For instance, if you have Tricky Slash, use that and Slash or Stab.
- The map is pretty straight forward. Going North only leads to a person who tells you that the demon dragged off a girl into the center of the volcano. Go East.
- When you finally come to the top of the area, with the demon below, you have the option of going further West. If you follow those tunnels, eventually you’ll be led to the third gate key, which can be used in Atlantis.

Area 8 (Sidequest) Enemy Camps 4-6
- These three camps are on the same continent as before. After the volcano you should be ready to start destroying these. They sometimes hold some valuable items.
- Go back to Sapra, the town overrun with Northern soldiers. Head North, and when you come to some mountain regions on the right, go east.
- Once you’ve raided there, head NorthWest to the next camp.
- The last camp is located in the trees, just SouthEast of the Knights’ sanctuary where you’ll be heading next.

Area 9 Sanctuary
- This part is pretty self-explanatory. You find out that in order to travel to the land of Eden, you must help the Knights of Eden to find the FIRE SWORD and the HOLY CHERUB. When you leave the Sanctuary, a person will be standing beside you, talk to them and find out that the Knight Balta has arranged for you to have a boat to go wherever you may please. Walk up to the dock and then you can use the boat.
- A small piece of land to the North has a person standing on it. They will tell you that the next town you should likely be visiting is NorthWest. Go there now, you have quite a few things to do before you may start looking for the FIRE SWORD.
- This is the town of Connival. Upgrading your armor would probably be a wise investment now.
- Talk to the man at the Northern exit, right by the gate. He’ll tell you that he has the password you need to enter the underground city of Atlantis. However, you need to find his Ranger’s Badge first.

Area 10 (Sidequest) Enemy Camps 7-12
- Once you’ve exited Connival, there is a grouping of enemy camps directly NorthEast of you. It is recommended you do this now for two reasons: the first is it is a great way to level up your hero and extremely easy to win the battles. The second reason is that it is tedious, and you may as well do it now while you still have your Rush Whirl attack (if you had chosen it before). It disappears at level 20, which you will likely become during these battles or shortly thereafter.
- Just use Rush Whirl if you have it. These enemies are weak but they take a long time to beat.
- Sadly, it isn’t over yet. Head back near Connival and head North. The last enemy camp for now lies at the edge of a land curve where the continent is breaking apart). You can’t miss it. Do the dirty work and it’s finally time to move on in your quest.

Area 11 Fantasy Maze
- Directly West of that last enemy camp, or NorthWest of Connival, is the Fantasy Maze. It must be said now, this area is a bitch. Check RMN (Rpgmaker.net) gamepage for a picture of it.
- When you’ve evolved for the final time (level 20) your armor will again be weaker, as you’ve outgrown your old rags. Here is where you will find the armor your character needs, DON’T to back to Connival and re-buy the last upgrades, you should have enough potions to get by in here).
- This section will be outlined by treasure chests and quests to be solved in this maze.
- 3 Tear Drops, Iron Helmet, Save Fly, Golis Pass- for these things,
- 3 Tear Drops- you may want to skip this one.
- Iron Armor, Helen sidequest part 2- . Helen is hiding behind one of these mushroom trees. (Remember she told you to look for her wherever the skies are clear?).
- Iron Helmet-
- This maze can be pretty aggravating, so if you’re under level 25 before leaving you should stick around a while. You’ll want an attack that does multiple damage to enemies. (Don’t take the ‘+’ skill, unless you want a challenge. It only works 70% of the time).

Area 12 Tying Loose Ends (Sidequest) Enemy Camp 13-20
- Just NorthWest of the Fantasy maze you’ll come across a triangular path (in the sandy area) leading to three houses. In the Southern house you will find the Ranger’s Badge.
- The NorthEastern house is where you can buy speed ups and defense ups.
- The Northwestern house holds two people, one gives you hints regarding Helen and the other talks about how the continent is slowly breaking apart.
- At the very NorthWest point from where you are on the worldmap, there is another enemy camp.
- Directly to the East of the enemy camp is another house, it gives you a hint as to where the HOLY CHERUB is located. You don’t want to go there yet though, it is time to head to Atlantis!
- Head back to Connival and give the man the Ranger’s Badge. You may now enter Atlantis underground in search of the FIRE SWORD.
- Go out of the city and enter your boat, the continent of Atlantis is directly SouthWest.
- Atlantis has 7 enemy camps, but it’s a small place so they’re easy enough to find. It is best to get these out of the way now.

Area 13 Atlantis
- The first wise choice would be to visit the armor shop and upgrade your equipment. We’re still a little way off from visiting the last town.
- Finding loot in the town is pretty easy, so I’ll leave that out here.
- When approaching the castle, you’ll see two sets of stairs. The left leads to a save fly, and the right leads to a bonus area (if you walk North, East is a dead end). It is here that you can use the gate keys to obtain a special item. Go into your inventory and click on the keys to use them.
- The Chief’s private quarters is straight North of the entrance. If you take the right path from there, the third left takes you to a room with a bunch of chests. There are 3 teardrops in one of them.
- If you take the left path, however, and take the second right, you eventually be led to a defense up. Retrace and take the first right, it will take you straight to the chief, with a lot of winding halls and rooms along the way.
- The Chief is easy enough, just watch your energy and use whichever moves are working best for you. Don’t use the fire skill if you have it, his flaming sword blocks it.
- When you are done, you have the option of killing the Chief by talking to him again. BE WARNED! This leads you on the path of evil, which eventually turns into the alternate ending. If you’d like to see both, make a second save file now and kill him for the second slot save file.
- Retrace your steps all the way back, you should be around level 28 by now. It is time to raid some more camps and get the HOLY CHERUB!

Area 14 Tying Loose Ends 2 (Sidequest) Enemy Camps 21-25
- After this there are only 2 more camps to raid!
- Take the ship from Atlantis back up to Pangea, stay along the left side of the continent. When you get to the top, just NorthEast of that tip there are 3 small islands, the Northern-most one has a camp on it. This is the longest round of battles, but no harder than the previous ones. And you get Titanium armor out of the deal.
- Take your boat right a bit, and a little downwards.Where the trees line the water there will be another camp that you can see. Raid and it remember where you left your boat, you will need to come back later!
- Now you’ll be going far South and just a little bit East to where the continent is breaking (yep, you are just East of the Fantasy Maze). You’ll see three small camps there, raid those and it’s time to move on to the sand tower to get the HOLY CHERUB!

Area 15 Desert Tower
- This is a fairly small area, quite a relief if you got lost in Atlantis.
- You should be at level 27 or higher before entering here, the enemies are a lot stronger than before, and you’ll really have to be tactful when using skills to defeat them. When it comes to using Heal3 or Heal4, better safe than sorry. In fact, if you don’t have Heal3, you should stock up on Tear Drops before coming here.
- Area 1 is is straight forward.
- Area 2- take a right to be led to a room with 10 potions. The other path will lead you to the third area.
- Area 3- when the path finally splits, you want to skip the first 3 and take the fourth turn.
- Now you will be tested by a Knight, assumedly in the service of Eden, but not part of the team you’re working for. Use your highest attacks on him and watch your HP.
- You have the choice to kill him if you want. If you killed the Atlantis Chief, and you kill this one, you are to be faced with the final decision VERY soon to achieve the alternate (evil) ending.
- Retrace your way back out, you should hopefully be at either level 31 or 32 by now.
- It’s time to finish up some side quests once and for all!

Area 16 (Sidequest) Enemy Encampments 26 and 27
- Travel Northwest from the tower around the mountains to the fenced area. To the right are trees, follow them Northwest and you’ll find the second last enemy encampment.
- Now go south until you reach the sanded area. From there go EAST until you hit more trees, they lead you further east then bend downwards. That’s the last of them, you can now use your Golis pass to collect the reward!
- Golis is the town you probably saw entering these trees.

Area 17 Golis
- The first thing you want to do is meet Helen again (if you’ve met her twice already). Go North to the little telephone. Her favorite song had something to do with a lake, so pick Children of Bodom, Lake Bodom as the ringtone. She will show up and a small marriage cutscene will occur. Don’t worry, this cheesy scene has a point to it. Talk to her once more to get Dragon Scale as a wedding present. What a gal!
- Now go to the North house. Go into your inventory and select each key you obtained from the enemy encampments simultaneously. You will then be able to access the treasure chest for the most powerful armor in the game, Dragon Armor!
- If you failed to complete these sidequests, the shops are still the best in the game, so take advantage of all that hard earned money and buy something!
- When you are ready to go, it’s time to get back to your boat. Hopefully you remember where you left it. It’ll probably be somewhere Northwest if you’ve been following this walkthrough.

Area 18 Eden
- Go back to the continent below Pangea to the Knights’ sanctuary. When you get to the magical post in the main room, go into your inventory and use both the FIRE SWORD and the HOLY CHERUB.
- You will then be teleported via the magical post to Eden. It may look like you’re in the same sanctuary, but you are in fact in another one. Exit to examine your new surroundings.
- The city to the NorthEast is where the knights are, go there for your mission.
- After talking to them all, enter the crawlspace behind them and you’re ready to go.

Area 19 Evil Castle
- The enemies are quite tough, but you should be able to handle them by now. All the paths lead to the leader of the evil ones, so go and face him now!
- Easy enough, right? After you’re transported back outside, you’ll see an airship. Get inside and zoom your way over to the sanctuary. Teleport back to Eden and this time head to the Garden of Eden for a special scene (The Big Twist).

Area 20 Final Act
- Didn’t see that coming, did ya? It seems that Balta used the power of the FIRESWORD and the HOLY CHERUB to set in motion the end of humanity! Who knew they were that powerful?
- To beat her, just use your best surefire attack and heal every other turn. I was level 32 when I beat her, using Second Strike and Heal3 back and forth.
- After another cutscene, you’ll be transported back to a ruined and lifeless Pangea. Balta is using the evil castle you just raided, so you’ll now have to take the long winding way around the continent (Southeast) to get there now that the continent has broken up.
- The good thing here is you can save any time. Balta is no harder than before, simply kick her sorry ass from here to Sunday and you’ll get your ending.

5. Side Quests

1. There are 27 enemy encampments to raid. The prize for this can be obtained in the secret city of Golis.
2. The Golis Pass can be found in the Fantasy Maze.
3. Marriage Quest. Find Helen in Lanfros, then the Fantasy Maze (behind the big trees to the North, where the skies are clear), and then in Golis. This will give you a special piece of armor when you talk to her a final time.
4. Evil path. To get the bad ending, you must kill the Atlantan chief, then the cherub guardian, and then you are presented with the option of joining Balta in her reign of terror. You must agree with her to get this ending.

6. Tips and Tricks
(The following were submitted by Amerikevicius, to whom I give my sincere thanks!)

1. Fantasy Maze
I did learn a trick that makes getting passed that much easier and faster. By the time you are leveled up enough, you can choose either Flame Sword or Ice Sword, I believe, but these take off too much energy, so you almost always need to defend in between each attack, which is a lengthy chore when you have 3 or 4 Oaks. Warrior Strike and later on Hard Strike are almost just as effective, and can be used as many times as you need without depleting all of your energy (since by this time you only drop so low), which means I can take an Oak out in 3 or 4 turns, verses 6 to 8. Also, if anybody has Paralyze, this works wonders here, especially against the Oaks. Most times it paralyzes 1 or 2 of the Oaks, which means I don't have to waste time having them strike me back, and Paralyze seems to last anywhere from about 4 to 6 turns. This definitely shaves off a lot of time fighting in this area, and allows me to quickly level up, so something positive in this otherwise confusing area.

2. Teleport Bug
I've encountered an interesting bug, one that can easily be worked around if somebody knows what to do. It involves the boat you get from Sanctuary. Anyway, here is the bug.

NE of Connival, you find a lady selling Teleporter. Very convenient to teleport to cities you've already been to, as long as they are on the same continent you are currently on. But if the city happens to be on another continent, your boat does not come with you. You end up stuck on that continent with no way off. To fix this, you would need to use Teleport again (good thing this has unlimited use) and teleport back to Sanctuary, head to the dock, and the boat will suddenly reappear at the dock in Sanctuary.

Another interesting thing to this bug is that if you are in the boat when you use Teleport, your boat ends up next to the city you are teleporting to, on dry land. Kind of funny, actually. No way to move the boat off land except as stated before... teleport to Sanctuary, head to the dock, and the boat will reappear at the dock.